Koloa Heritage Trail

By Hawaii.com Team

Every day busloads of visitors lean against the fence above Spouting Horn watching this saltwater geyser, which is actually a submerged lava tube, sputter and blow. They ooh and aah, then head for the vendors’ stalls, few pausing to read the bronze cast sign that explains the history of this natural phenomenon. They don’t know what they’re missing. These signs, mounted on lava rock pedestals, are scattered throughout the Koloa/Poipu area and provide a wealth of information about this part of the island.

There are 14 sites on the Koloa Heritage Trail, each representing the rich history of the Koloa District, more commonly referred to as the South Shore. Brochures, including a map and further information about each site, can be found in most brochure racks throughout the island.

Although Spouting Horn is designated as the No. 1 site on the map, it doesn’t matter where you begin to follow the four-mile trail.

The brochure will tell the stories behind sugar era buildings still existing in Koloa like the Yamamoto Store and Koloa Hotel, the Koloa Jodo Mission and Koloa Missionary Church. And you’ll discover the history of Prince Kuhio, Koloa Landing, Moir Gardens, Po’ipu Beach and Keoneloa Bay. For more information, contact the Po’ipu Beach Resort Association at 888-744-0888.

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