Don’t Forget the Coffee

By Team

Once you’re hooked on coffee grown in Hawaii, it’s hard to live without it. There are residents who never leave the islands without a bag or two tucked in their luggage. The aroma, when it escapes from the bag, is as much the scent of the islands as the salty smell of the ocean or the sweet fragrance of ginger.

And even though you’re going to pay a little — well maybe a lot more — for island-grown coffee, it’s worth it. It takes nearly 4,000 beans to produce a single pound of coffee.

Kauai is home to the state’s largest coffee estate, which means you shouldn’t have trouble picking up a supply of Kauai Coffee. But it’s not the only brew on the shelf. Kona coffee, 100 percent or blended with other beans under a number of labels, is sold almost everywhere.

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