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ATV Tours on Kauai

Explore regions of the lush Garden Isle that even most kama‘aina (local residents) aren’t privy to on one of the many ATV tours on Kaua‘i. Adventurers who don’t mind a bumpy ride or getting down and dirty will love the adventure.

There are three Kaua‘i ATV tours to choose from – two are located on the South Shore of the island and the third is in Princeville on the North Shore. Each off-road outing lasts approximately three to four hours, depending on the type of tour that best suits your adventuresome needs. All are located on privately owned land, so it’s a great way to see the more exotic parts of the island.

Guests hop in “mud bugs” (two-seaters) or “ohana bugs” (four-seaters) and traverse a historic sugarcane plantation in Koloa. One of the unique aspects of their tours is the ability to drive through a mountain tunnel that was formerly used to transport sugarcane. Kaua‘i ATV has a 23-mile long tour that treats guests to a waterfall where they can enjoy a refreshing dip in one of Kahili Mountain Ridge’s delicious pools.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to drive an ATV by yourself then you might opt for one of Kipu Ranch Adventures’ tours. They also have larger vehicles available for those who don’t feel like dodging boulders and splashing through mud and just want to enjoy the ride. These tours on Kaua‘i travel through a fully operational 4,200-acre cattle ranch and climb the Haupu Mountain Range and overlook the exclusive and inaccessible Kipu Kai Beach.

For those who would rather get grubby on the North Shore, Princeville Ranch Adventures has an “Off Road Adventure” that includes two zip lines as well as a hike to a waterfall for a swim and picnic.

You’ll need to book an ATV tour if you want to jump in one of these vehicles as individual ATV rentals are not available on the island. So choose wisely and delight in exploring some of Kaua‘i’s most unchartered territory.

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