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Kauapea Beach, otherwise known as Secret Beach, has long since lost any claim to covert status. The beach, with its anything goes mood and remote location, is known to attract people with alternative lifestyles and off-beat behaviors. But don’t be surprised if the guy next to you turns out to be a stockbroker from the city who has to hang loose at Secrets at least seven days a year.

One of the most secluded beaches on Kauai, Kauapea is located between Kalihiwai and Kilauea. Accessible via a 10-minute, steep hike, it is a long golden-sand beach with a small waterfall. It offers calm waters — often filled with dolphins — during the summer, but treacherous conditions during the winter months.

Here’s how you get there: Drive about a half-mile past Kilauea on Hwy. 56 and turn right on Kalihiwai Road. Then turn right on the first dirt road and follow it to the end. Here’s where you park and where the trail begins.

Hideaway’s Beach, near the Princeville Hotel, is a lot more accessible, but to get there you’ll have to navigate a steep, stair-stepped trail that begins in the hotel’s parking lot. During the winter, the beach nearly disappears and the trail can get slippery and muddy after heavy rains.

At the foot of the trail is a gem of a beach. Postcard-sized and secluded, its pristine beauty and clear waters will steal your heart. Hideaway’s is a great spot for snorkeling, sunning, swimming and romantic sunsets.

Rock Quarry Beach, located on the east side of the Kilauea Light House, is a beautiful bay where the Kilauea River meets the sea. Sometimes a good winter surf spot, this half-mile beach enjoys a wonderful location. Turn right on Wailapa Road, then take the gravel road on your left.

Donkey Beach is a fine sand beach just north of Kealia Beach on Hwy. 56 north of Kapa’a. It’s located on property being developed as private estates but remains open to the public. Watch for a parking lot, just off the highway, and follow the path to the beach.

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