Kauai Beaches

There are plenty of beautiful beaches on Kauai, each possessing its own set of unique qualities.

Kauai, almost circular in shape, is ringed by 113 miles of shoreline, nearly half giving way to sugar-fine, golden-sand beaches. For the record, that’s more beach per mile of shoreline than any other of the seven inhabited islands in the Hawaiian chain.

Setting out to find a favorite beach is a delightful task. There’s no such thing as a bad beach on Kauai. Your beach of choice will probably have more to do with its location, family-friendliness, safety rating, recreational offerings or simply your mood than the slope of the shoreline or the disposition of the water.

Let us help you narrow down your search for the perfect beach destination on Kauai.

Poipu Beach, Kauai Beaches

Poipu Beach. Photo courtesy of Trevor Russell.


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