Parks and Gardens

By Team

Explored any beautiful gardens lately? Kauai “The Garden Isle” is blooming with individual botanical creations all over the island. That any living thing—seed, insect, plant, animal or human—found its way to Kauai and survived is a mystery known only to the gods of nature and today many native Hawaiian species are endangered. Some garden enterprises have the mission to preserve native, endangered and rare plants while others exist purely to please the senses and entertain. You’ll find exotic exhibits, inspiring sculptures and amazing mazes amidst forested landscapes.

Keʻahua Arboretum, at the end of Highway 580 on Kuamoʻo Road in Wailua, is not so much a classic arboretum as it is a much-loved swimming hole fed by a rushing mountain stream. The stream spills over the road, the pavement ends and a rough dirt road to one of the island’s most beautiful spots begins.

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