Kamokila Hawaiian Village

By Hawaii.com Team

Kamokila Village, Kauai. Photo: Keira Morgan.

Kamokila Hawaiian Village is a 4-acre park where Old Hawaii comes to life. Situated near Opaeka’a Falls in Wailua, Kamokila is a reconstructed Hawaiian village. There are 14 thatched-roof structures, a canoe house, a birthing house, a hula house, the chief’s assembly house and a doctor’s house. Artifacts and storyboards explain each structure’s purpose. Lush gardens grow in the village yielding traditional Hawaiian fruits and flowers.

Kamokila made it to the big screen in 1995 when it was used as the location for the Dustin Hoffman/Rene Russo film “Outbreak.” Structures from the set remain in the village.

In addition to the self-guided tour of the village, visitors can take a three-hour outrigger canoe trip with a short hike to a nearby waterfall.

The village was developed and is operated by a Kauai family that is dedicated to offering a casual, laid-back experience to small crowds. Visitors will learn more about life in the early days and get a taste of contemporary Hawaiian hospitality.

Kamokila is located on Kuamo’o Road across from the Opaeka’a Falls parking lot. A sign marks the paved road leading to the village. The village is open daily, but call before you go. There is a nominal admission fee.

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