What better place to celebrate your love than on the beautiful island of Kaua‘i? Romantic settings don’t get much more ideal than this tropical destination. Wining and dining on secluded beaches, hiking through majestic jungles, and snorkeling with sea turtles are among the many ways you can lavish your love here. You’ll find your hearts connecting in an infinite number of ways and almost anything you do is bound to go down in cherished history. Some activities, however, are more precious than others.

Soar Over the Napali Coast

One of the most spectacular ways to ensure your date will go googly-eyed is taking them on an adventure by air. A private helicopter tour with your honey will make both your hearts soar as you fly over the Garden Isle’s famous velvet green mountains and valleys. Hold hands as you swoon over picture-perfect waterfalls, the great fluted cliffs of the Nāpali Coast, and sensational beaches that stretch for miles. It’s a bonding experience destined to last a lifetime.

Picnic at Sunset at Hanalei Bay

But don’t stop there. Once you’ve landed, head straight to the North Shore where you’ll gear up for a romantic dinner on the beach. A quick internet search and you’ll find a number of private chefs around the island that will prepare a delicious meal for the happy couple. Make a plan to pick up the food on your way, along with other necessary picnic accouterments, and head to Hanalei Bay Beach. Dote on each other while admiring the gorgeous view in this magical environment and savor the fresh flavors of local homemade cuisine. Make a toast to your love with a bottle of champagne and watch as the sun goes down, casting flecks of pink and purple in the sky.

Take a Moonlit Beach Walk

After the sun dips below the horizon, top off your enchanting evening with a stroll along the bay. Moonlight and a tide that tickles your toes will have you thinking of nothing other than how lucky you are to spend such an incredibly dreamy date with the one you love most.