Staying Safe when Snorkeling

By Team

Snorkeling is an inexpensive pastime that is easier to learn than surfing or scuba diving and can be done either by booking a cruise or finding a good spot on a beach. If you book a cruise, expect gear, lunch and other amenities to be provided.

Gear can be rented or purchased. In either case, all you’ll need is a mask, a snorkel and some fins. Gear comes in many sizes and shapes. A good fit is what’s important. If the mask doesn’t fit properly expect to experience some leakage of water in the mask.

Here are some important snorkeling tips:
1. Snorkeling is a buddy sport. You help your buddy, they help you.

2. Never turn your back on the ocean. (It’ll whomp you.)
3. Always observe first: surf, current, wave sets, surge on reefs/rocks.

4. Avoid wana (pronounced vonna) – black sea urchin. If you get stung, tobacco can kill the sting.

5. Enter and exit from a sandy beach area.

6. Never swim against a current, swim diagonally across it.

7. Avoid snorkeling at dusk.

8. Friends don’t let friends snorkel drunk or under the influence of any substance

9. Don’t snorkel in a strong offshore wind.

10. Duck or dive under breaking waves before they reach you to avoid their bully force. Don’t try to jump over them or turn your back to them.

11. Don’t feed the fish.

12. If you wear glasses, be sure to ask for a mask with “vision correction.”

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