The Top 8 Nude Beaches in Hawaii

By Team

Little Beach (left) and Big Beach (right), Maui. Photo: Eric Prado.

Although we wouldn’t consider ourselves the experts on nude beaches in Hawaii, and we’re still unclear as to where the law draws the legal lines – if you’re looking to hit the beach without tan lines or hoping to avoid any unwelcome surprises, we can point you in the right direction or let you know the areas to steer clear of when visiting nude beaches in Hawaii.

Get Naked on the Black Sands of Big Island


Sunrise on Kehena Beach, Big Island, Hawaii. Photo: Kimberly B.

The black sands of Puna district’s Kehena Beach, also known as “Dolphin Beach,” are stunning, and its tucked away, remote locale — surrounded by a screen of cliff and trees — renders the nude sunbather free! Just be aware of the big waves and dangerous currents.

Find a Secluded Slice of Beach on Kauai


Secret Beach, Kauai. Photo: David Brooks.

Yellow sand beach Kauapea Beach, also called “Secret Beach,” is not only nude-friendly but its waters offer prime snorkeling and swimming in the summertime. Winter brings waves that are big and dangerous, so please be mindful.


Donkey Beach, Kauai. Photo: Katarina.

Donkey Beach is a well-hidden gem, with no view from the road and access to its sands only via traipsing through a privately-owned cane field. Although previous owners allowed passers-through, the current owners have not seemed to share this same sentiment, so take your chances when choosing this beach.

Sunbath in Your Birthday Suit on Maui


maui red sand beach

Red Sand Beach, Maui. Photo: Xavier Lambrecht.

Red Sand Beach, or Kaihalulu Beach, is a cove formed by red sands eroding from a volcanic cinder mound. As access is very difficult — one must first drive to the Hana Community Center, then traverse through private property — guests that go to the trouble of getting here will enjoy the beauty of a quieter, less crowded birthday suit session.


Little Beach, Maui. Photo: Andym5855.

Little Beach, accessed from Big Beach, is a more popular nude-friendly locale. Park in the Big Beach parking lot and head north until you run into a lava path.


Twin Falls, Maui. Photo: Prab Bhatia.

Another option for skinny dipping is to head into the jungle. The sparkling pools of Twin Falls are often the choice of bold and in-the-buff bathers.

Get Rid of Those Tan Lines on Oahu’s North Shore


Polo Beach, Mokuleia, Oahu. Photo: Michelle.

Polo Beach in Mokuleia is a popular locale for nude bathers on Oahu. It is found on the North Shore, just West of Waialua, toward Dillingham Air Field.


Kahuku Beach, Oahu. Photo: Cris Camit.

Also on Oahu is lesser-known Kahuku Beach, found along Route 83, roughly 2 miles north of Laie. This beach on Oahu’s northeast coast offers nude sun bathers an escape from the crowds of beaches in Honolulu.

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