Kapena: Electrifying, Uplifting and Family Friendly Hawaiian Music

By Olena Heu

Photo: Kapena.

For more than three decades, the Hawaiian music band Kapena has entertained audiences across the globe. What started out as a high school trio in 1985 has now evolved into a family affair. With children Kapena, Kalena and Lilo by his side the founder of the group, Kelly Boy DeLima, perpetuates the “electrifying,” uplifting and family friendly, Hawaiian music fans continue to love.

A Family Band

Photo: Kapena.

The new generation of Kapena is no stranger to entertaining audiences; they’ve been doing it for years. As a family band, each member shares their strengths and offers encouragement and support through weakness. “Working in a family band is unlike anything else, we enjoy allowing the other a chance to shine!” Kelly Boy remains the frontman while Kapena (drummer and vocalist) is the musical director and recording engineer; Kalena (keyboardist and vocalist) is a falsetto-style vocalist while also maintaining the group’s website and in-house graphic designs/art; Lilo (bassist and vocalist) is a bass-playing phenom and recognized songwriter.

Currently, the group is putting together a brand new traditional Hawaiian/Hapa Haole album, featuring songs about Hawaii sung in English and showcased in a mixture of musical styles, expected to drop in late 2017. This is a collaboration that will bring Kapena’s music back to its roots and continue to perpetuate the Hawaiian culture. The album also features a song recently released to honor the Polynesian long-distance voyaging canoe, Hōkūleʻa’s, Worldwide Voyage. Proceeds from the song titled “Hōkūleʻa Mālama Hōnua” have helped to fund Hōkūleʻa’s worldwide journey.

Doing Something We All Love

Photo: Kapena.

Working together, traveling together and creating music together comes naturally for the DeLima ʻOhana. “We love family time and enjoy being able to spend so much time together, doing something we all love.” While they are expected to travel to Alaska and Washington this year, the group often performs locally, with shows on the neighbor islands at least once a month and weekly in Waikiki.

As part of the annual Mele Mei celebration, you can catch Kapena live at Waikiki Beach Walk on June 18, 2017. The “Na Mele No Na Pua” free, outdoor concert (open to the public) featuring Kapena will be held from 5pm-6pm. “Mele Mei is an awesome event, we only wished we had this event all yearlong,” says the DeLima ‘Ohana.

Free Music in May

Photo: Kapena.

For a free music download from Kapena, click here.
And stay in touch with Kapena via www.kapena.com.

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