10 Cute Animals in Hawaii to Greet You Aloha

By Billy Wan

Say “Aloha” to these 10 cuties! While visiting the Hawaiian Islands, you will see a number of wild animals on your adventure. Some are native to Hawaii and some have been introduced from other places. Hawaii has many endangered species so if you see one, remember to say “Aloha” from afar and don’t touch. Do you recognize any of these cuties?

10 Cute Animals in Hawaii to Greet You Aloha

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Hawaiian Monk Seal

Known as ʻIlio holo i ka uaua in Hawaiian which means "dog that runs in rough water", the Hawaiian monk seals are an endangered species and are endemic to the Hawaiian Islands. If you're lucky, you might spot one basking at the beach but just remember, look from afar but don't touch. Photo courtesy of James Abbott via flickr.

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