Kauai Made®

Welcome to Kauai Made® where every product is made or crafted on Kauai, by the people of Kauai, with love and respect for the aina (land) of Kauai. Kauai Made is a program created by the County of Kauai to officially represent the products made on Kauai, by Kauai people, using Kauai materials. We invite you to discover the beauty and warmth of our island home through locally made products.

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Kaua‘i Made products offer a taste of the unique and varied aspects of our beautiful island and are distinctive in the materials, ingredients and craftsmanship that go into each one. Making each an exceptional representation of Kaua‘i. Businesses apply to become a member, each company goes through a review process, based on their authenticity and quality as a local product, before qualified to carry the Kauai Made logo under County ordinance. Members proudly display their Kaua‘i Made seal because the Kauai Made seal provides the assurance that the product is authentic and unique to the island. Many of our Kaua‘i Made members sell their products at craft fairs around the island.

There are 143 Kauai Made members offering Kauai food and agricultural products, distinctive art and jewelry, Hawaiian heritage products, local crafts, music, apparel, gifts and more.

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