Brazilians Take the Crowns at North Shore Surfing Competitions

By Napua Heen

Big Waves. Big Competition. Thursday, December 17, concluded the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing that happens every year on Oʻahu’s North Shore along with the 2015 World Championship Tour and Pipeline Masters event. Brazilian surfers claimed all three titles at Ehukai Beach. Last year’s World Champion, Gabriel Medina became the 2015 Vans Triple Crown Champ. Adriano De Souza was crowned World Surfing Champion 2015 and had enough energy in him to clinch the Pipe Masters as well.

Medina Wins Vans Triple Crown with an Aerial

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Gabriel Medina of Brazil went up against top-ranked Australian Mick Fanning. He took the lead at the end of the heat with a crowd pleasing full rotation aerial maneuver. Some say this was the biggest aerial trick seen in competition. And the heat win brought Medina the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing title. Medina said he came to Hawai’i with the intent of becoming the first Brazilian winner of the Vans Triple Crown, and that he did!

De Souza Takes 2015 World Champion Title!

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In a battle with Hawaiian wildcard Mason Ho, Adriano De Souza clenches the 2015 World Champion Title. After 9 years of hard work and improving on his weaknesses, this is a dream come true for the Brazilian.

Coming from humble beginnings, De Souza acknowledges his brother who bought him his first surf board for $7. “At that time, I think that’s too much money for him,” says De Souza. De Souza gratitude for his brother couldn’t have been more clear.

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He goes on to explain the tattoo on his arm, in memory of his late friend Brazilian surfer Ricardo de Santos to whom he dedicated the championship title. Strength, Balance and Love it says in Portuguese, which is what was needed to win the World Title, adds De Souza.

De Souza Becomes First Brazilian Pipe Master

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Andriano De Souza took on his fellow champion Brazilian Gabriel Medina for the Billabong Pipe Masters Title in the afternoon. After his heat with Mason Ho bringing him the World Title win, De Souza didn’t know if he would have the energy to snag the Pipe Masters title. But, he was able to find the energy and the waves to bring him the coveted trophy.

Just over a year ago, De Souza is said to have knocked on the door of local Hawaiian surfer Jaime O’Brian and asked O’Brian if he could stay at his house to learn the layout of Hawaiʻi. O’Brian obliged, and De Souza spent months in training, learning the waves on the North Shore, particularly at Ehukai Beach. It was obvious that De Souza’s dedication and time spent learning how to surf Hawaiian waves paid off big for him.

Congratulations and mahalo to all the surfers who competed out on the North Shore!

A special mahalo to surfer Mick Fanning who showed great sportsmanship and leadership throughout the competition!  Fanning remained a crowd favorite throughout the day.

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