Visit Whalers General Store on Maui for all Your Beach and Souvenir Needs

By Andy Beth Miller

Photo: Whalers General Store.

After dreaming so long about your escape to paradise, you’ve finally arrived to Maui. Disembarking the plane and shuttling to your hotel, all you can think of is how soon you can kick off your shoes, don your favorite board shorts or bikini and jump into those crystal blue waters and burrow your barefoot into the sparkling white sands of Hawaii’s Valley Isle. But first, there are those pesky practicalities you must take care of in order to be completely setup for your tropical stay.

For all of your beach and souvenir needs, please visit a Whalers General Store location on Maui!

Everything Thing You Need

Photo: Whalers General Store.

Lucky for us, Whalers General Store understands the conundrum and has created several convenient general stores — and strategically placed them throughout the island of Maui — so that you can make one single stop to stock up on every single item on your Hawaii must-have list! Also adding to the efficiency of the en route to the beach endeavor? Each and every Whalers General Store has perfect beach-worthy snacks, drinks and supplies too — including towels, goggles and even slippahs (that’s how we say flip flops or sandals here in the islands)!

Locations in Lahaina, Kihei and Wailea

Photo: Whalers General Store.

That’s right, with 8 locations island wide, there’s always a Whalers General Store just around the corner. Should your Maui travels find you in the bustling and iconic town of Lahaina, you’ll have 6 shops to choose among on your way to your island adventures. Kihei also has a convenient Whalers General Store for your one stop shopping needs. And for those staying in or visiting the resort area of Wailea, there’s a Whalers there to serve you, too!

Don’t Forget the Souvenirs and Gifts!

Photo: Whalers General Store.

And after enjoying the supplies and provisions of this trusted island brand throughout your trip, don’t forget to stop by one more time on your way home, as all Whalers General Stores also have an impressive selection of authentic island souvenirs, novelty gifts and gourmet fare to purchase as a cherished keepsake from your epic island jaunt or the perfect gifts for friends and family back home. We look forward to your next visit, and Whalers will be here waiting to get you all set up the minute you set foot on our friendly shores once more.

Visit us on Maui! Click here to find a location.

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