Join in the Festivities as Ukulele Picnic in Hawaii Celebrates 10 Years!

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Jody Kamisato. Photo: Ukulele Picnic in Hawaii.

The ‘Ukulele Picnic in Hawai‘i, a festival-like music event featuring iconic ‘ukulele musicians from across Hawai‘i and the world, will return Feb. 10-11, 2018. This year ‘Ukulele Picnic in Hawai‘i marks a decade renewing the event’s mission to construct the world’s first ‘ukulele museum in the islands as a symbol of world peace.

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Save the Dates! February 10 and 11, 2018

Honoka and Azita. Photo: Ukulele Picnic in Hawaii.

The medley of events kicks off on Saturday, February 10, 2018 with the International ‘Ukulele Contest and Hula Show. The finale takes place on Sunday, February 11, 2018 at Kakaʻako Makai Gateway Park with an eclectic collection of more than 20 local and international entertainers all day long on two stages. Both events are free and open to the public. In celebration of this year’s 10th anniversary the event will feature Ennichi (Japanese fair) games and activities like water balloon fishing, a ring toss and scooping games.

The Power of the Ukulele is Mighty

Hiroshi Okada. Photo: Ukulele Picnic in Hawaii.

“Over the past 10 years, ‘Ukulele Picnic in Hawai‘i has grown into a symbolic initiative for world peace, drawing visitors from around the world.” said ‘Ukulele Picnic in Hawai‘i creator and producer Kazuyuki Sekiguchi. “The power of the ‘ukulele is mighty and it also brings peace to people in a very special way. The sound of the ‘ukulele connects people together across the differences of language and race, unites people like family and makes the world a better place.”

International Ukulele Contest

Join in the Festivities as Ukulele Picnic in Hawaii Celebrates 10 Years!

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2017 Ukulele Picnic in Hawaii International Ukulele Contest. Photo: Ukulele Picnic.

The weekend strums off on Saturday, February 10, with the 7th Annual International ‘Ukulele Contest. The contest invites amateur ‘ukulele players from across the world to compete from 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. with a hula show to follow.

Grand Finale in Kakaako

Join in the Festivities as Ukulele Picnic in Hawaii Celebrates 10 Years!

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2017 Ukulele Picnic in Hawaii

The public can tune in to the grand finale Sunday, February 11. ‘Ukulele Picnic in Hawaiʻi, starts at 9 a.m. and goes till sunset at Kakaʻako Makai Gateway Park. This year’s event will offer two stages with live entertainment, each featuring well-known local and international ‘ukulele performers. Entertainers will share their talent and aloha while guests can take advantage of more than 30 different booths featuring Hawaiian crafts, international food and drinks, activities for kids, a luxury ‘ukulele raffle as well as top ‘ukulele brands showcasing premium ‘ukulele.

Complimentary shuttle busses between Waikiki and Kaka‘ako Makai Gateway Park will be available.

Celebrity Entertainers from Japan to Headline Ukulele Picnic in Hawaii

Join in the Festivities as Ukulele Picnic in Hawaii Celebrates 10 Years!

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boo takagi

Boo Takagi. Photo: Ukulele Picnic in Hawaii.

The headline performance is the newly formed group 1933 ‘Ukulele All Stars, which includes five notable celebrities from Japan — Boo Takagi, Yoshio Nomura (better known as Yo-chan), ‘Ukulele Gypsy (better known as Kiyosaku of the group Mongol 800), Kimiko Wakiyama (the 2007 World Champion whistler), and event organizer Kazuyuki Sekiguchi.

The five celebrities from Japan forming the group 1933 ‘Ukulele All Stars are all known to share a love for the instrument. Boo Takagi, a comedian and musician often with an ‘ukulele in hand, has been performing Hawaiian music from when he was in middle school. Yoshio Nomura, or Yo-chan, is a former traveling guitarist for Japanese pop-star great Ayumi Hamasaki and since her debut, released a holiday album entitled “‘Ukulele for Christmas” over a decade ago. Kiyosaku, from the three-piece punk rock band Mongol 800, now goes by the name ‘Ukulele Gypsy and has performed with the instrument on several occasions at concerts in Hawaiʻi. Kimiko Wakiyama, the champion whistler who won the women’s crown at the 2007 International Whistlers Convention, has whistled her way in three octaves as she strums at festivals from Tokyo to New York. Kazuyuki Sekiguchi, in between tours with the iconic rock group Southern All Stars, puts together the ‘Ukulele Picnic in Hawaiʻi each year while making on-stage performances so that he may fulfill his desire to construct an ‘ukulele museum in Hawaiʻi.

Confirmed Hawaii Performers

Kalei Gamiao. Photo: Ukulele Picnic in Hawaii.

This talented roster will join virtuosos from Hawaii — Herb Ohta, Herb Ohta, Jr., Bryan Tolentino, Kalei Gamiao, Honoka & Azita, Hoku Zuttermeister, Jody Kamisato & ‘Ukulele Hale, Kuana Torres Kahele, Waipuna, Nathan Aweau, and Kuuipo Kumukahi.

Confirmed International Performers

Mike Maki. Photo: Ukulele Picnic in Hawaii.

Others from Japan performing at the festival will include Mike Maki, Hiroshi Okada, Keiko (also known as Ao Aqua) and Kawaihae Friends. Paul Hemmings from New York and StarWish from Taiwan round out the international cast.

For More Information
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About Ukulele Picnic in Hawai‘i
‘Ukulele Picnic in Hawai‘i is a free event that uses the ‘ukulele to connect people across the differences of language and race. Since the first event in 2009, more than 5,000 people participate in the event from all over the world each year, increasing awareness about the ‘ukulele, and building a strong following for Hawaiian music. The proceeds from ‘Ukulele Picnic in Hawai‘i will be dedicated to the construction of the ‘Ukulele Museum.

About Ukulele Museum
As an international museum and entertainment center, the ‘Ukulele Museum will bring together ‘ukulele fans from around the world. The museum will contribute to children’s educational development through guest lecturers and field trips to the site as well as provide a venue for musical events and a place of “tranquility” for island residents to gather.

A permanent collection, the history of the ‘ukulele and its contribution to Hawaiian music will be shown. Plans for the museum also include a cafe and gift shop.

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