Turtle Bay Resort

By Chris Fleck

However long its been, returning to Turtle Bay Resort on Oahu’s fabled North Shore is much like revisiting the pages of your favorite childhood storybook.

North Shore is a place of wonderment, natural beauty, and legend. The long curves of the North Shore’s white sandy beaches, with its lush country background is a testament to the comfort, natural simplicity can so easily provide. Why, in our ever-developing world, we stray, or try to out-do the natural beauty given so graciously to us is a question we should all ask ourselves.

A luxury staple on the North Shore for decades, Turtle Bay Resort recently ushered in a new era defining its concept and design. As multi-million-dollar renovations, which began in 2011 are near completion the resort has taken on a sleek, colorful vantage point that works to compliment and utilize the surrounding expansive landscape, mesmerizing seascapes, and unique North Shore culture, in its mission to offer a warm, authentic Hawaiian experience.

Driven to encompass all that is the North Shore, Turtle Bay Resort instilled five key factors as it not only architecturally, but also culturally and recreationally revamped the resort’s feel and expression.

Preservation From The Inside Out:

Through stewardship programs to conserve and perpetuate the precious land and sea of the North Shore, Turtle Bay Resort is committed to protecting the fertile farmland, lush forest sanctuaries, and of course the epic coastlines, viewed by tourists and locals alike as the eighth wonder of our world. With a dedicated initiative to reduce its carbon footprint Turtle Bay Resort has taken internal and partnered steps with the community to keep the North Shore as pristine as it was when discovered over 1,000 years ago by early Polynesians.

In-house movements include a major installation of solar rooftops, which will reduce the resort’s overall power demand by half in the coming years. Expanding the lifespan of these solar installations, Turtle Bay has planted 59,000-square-feet of native plant and rock gardens on all lower rooftops, which also enhances the aesthetic appearance of the resort too. Helping to preserve the sacred bird life on Oahu, The Palmer golf course surrounds and protects the Punahoʻolapa Marsh, a stunning 100-acre wetland preserve.

In a recently critical decision, working with the state of Hawaiʻi, Turtle Bay Resort has committed 660 of its 840 acres to conservation easement, meaning these sacred acres are forever protected from further development. Turtle Bay Resort’s Green Committee has partnered with non-profit Sustainable Coastlines Hawaiʻi to support mandated beach cleanups and ocean plastic awareness. And, a proponent of all sea life, the resort has partnered with Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary offering refuge to humpback whales, monk seals, green sea turtles, and dolphins.

A Pilgrimage For The Explorer In Us All:

Whether you seek a peek beneath the sea, surfing North Shore’s famed surf breaks, a casual round of golf, or something in between, each adventure we partake in is an example of the adventurer that instinctively lies in us all. Depending on how far, and in what direction you’d like to go Turtle Bay Resort does an exceptional job providing a pathway to your experience.

If you’re visiting the North Shore for the first time, or need a refresher on where or who to set out with, Turtle Bay Resort’s “Access To The Inaccessible” Guide Post is a perfect resource to help you understand all that North Shore has to offer. Their knowledgeable and informative staff knows each nook and cranny of the area, from the valleys that rise to the mountain peaks, to those world famous surf breaks that line the coast.

“As certain North Shore adventures can be a bit off the beaten path, there are things you may overlook going out on your own. So, whether with our guides or other local companies you’ll get access to things you may miss,” says Guide Post manager Rocky Canon.

With 840 acres of land that blend seamlessly with the resort there are plenty of options just moments from where you awake. Home to the largest protected swimming and snorkeling waters in Hawaiʻi, Kawela Bay and Kuilima Cove are ideal snorkeling and swimming spots for beginners and children.

For those attracted to the links, Turtle Bay Resort’s world-famous Palmer and Fazio golf courses are a golfer’s delight. Numerous professional tournaments have been played here, and as you guide yourself up and down the ocean view courses you’ll see why both are sought out by golfers from around the world.



Two distinctive features of the golf experience at Turtle Bay Resort has to be their club rental, and complimentary lesson offers. Partnering with golf apparel giant Titleist, Turtle Bay Resort’s club rental option are the Titleist High Performance clubs. Not a bad choice for rental clubs. On top of that, and almost unheard of elsewhere, club rentals are not for one, single round of golf, but extend for the duration of a seven-day span. So, if you do the simple math it makes economical sense to rent clubs from Turtle Bay Resort rather than paying baggage fees to fly your clubs to and fro.

Each guest of Turtle Bay Resort is eligible for a free 10-minute golf lesson with one of the course golf professionals. “We give simple tips, help out with swing or alignment issues. For beginners we point them in the right direction, showing them grip and proper stance,” says golf operations manager Travis Berding.

As Turtle Bay Resort has embarked on sustaining the integrity of the surrounding land and sea, the Nalu Kinetic Spa works to empower guests to sustain and elevate their own health and fitness. Rated as one of the top 100 organic spas in the world, Nalu Kinetic Spa is a true wellness center.

“We are a teaching spa and fitness center. We want to advise people about why they should take care of themselves, showing them ways to improve their health and well being,” says director of spa & fitness Avigale LaGrass.

Utilizing active energy and wave movements the Nalu Kinetic Spa combines aspects of the natural world in each of its therapy and fitness programs. There are dozens of fitness and treatment options to choose, from massage therapy, skin care, body care, salon services, and indoor and outdoor fitness classes. A highlight of the spa service is their Nalu (wave) Therapy session. Mimicking the buoyancy of water and healing rhythm of the ocean this specialty, rotating designed table and massage treatment helps alleviate deep tension and joint release through gentle rocking, gliding and kinetic movements. It really is a massage treatment unlike any other.



A few other unique activity options are Turtle Bay Resort’s horseback riding tours, helicopter tours an exact replica of the original Magnum P.I. chopper, and Segway tours. To help streamline all of the adventure choices Turtle Bay Resort offers visit northshoreguidesclub.com.

To provide you with accessories or gear you may need, the in-house North Shore Watershed provides just about anything adventure apparel related, including free, yes free, Go-Pro camera rentals, helping you capture those moments that you can turn into a visual storyboard for years to come.

A Home Of Community And Entertainment:

With country hospitality, and that laid-back, beach style attitude the atmosphere that surrounds the North Shore makes this unique neighborhood attractive to tourists, celebrities, athletes, and of course locals. A flagship of the North Shore, Turtle Bay Resort works continuously with the community to help engage friendship and memories for all who visit.

From November through February, when those North Shore waves are pumping, Turtle Bay Resort plays a vital role as a partner of numerous surfing competitions, from the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing, The Quiksilver in Memory of Eddie Aikau big wave competition, Standup Paddle World Tour and Surfer Magazine’s Surfers’ Poll Awards. Bringing the epic stories of what really happened off shore, Surfer, The Bar — in partnership with Surfer magazine — brings a talk story series right to the resort giving guests an exclusive opportunity to catch up with the biggest names on the surf scene.

To livin’ it up a bit more, Surfer, The Bar — a stage for Hawaiian musicianship — has live, local music almost nightly, featuring well-known local performers, new musical talents, and the occasional impromptu performance by world-renowned musicians.

To visit the Surfer, The Bar online click here.

For those yogi and music lovers, Turtle Bay Resort hosts Wanderlust each February. As the giant winter surf and migrating whales set the backdrop, Wanderlust is an extraordinary weekend of yoga, meditation, and music.

On the more intimate side Turtle Bay Resort has been rated among Hawaii’s top ten honeymoon hotels, complete with 42 luxurious beach cottages, each with Brazilian walnut flooring and décor, and European deep soaking tub. If you’re familiar, these are the same cottages depicted in the film “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”.

A Celebration Of Wholesome Dining:

Whether at home or on a once-in-a-lifetime vacay, eating shouldn’t just be a pit stop, but a celebration of properly fueling our bodies and enjoying each delicious ingredient mother nature provides.

Turtle Bay Resort has become a trailblazer in resort dining, infusing fresh, organic, and sustainable cooking and ingredient methods into its cuisine options. Turtle Bay Resort is the only resort on Oahu that farms its own produce using local agriculture methods. Each of the restaurants source most, if not all of their fruits and vegetables from organic island farms, and work with local fisherman and artisans in providing wholesome, quality meals from sun up to well…past sundown.

Two restaurants at the resort that embrace the wide variety of ingredients Hawaiʻi has to offer are North Shore Kula Grille and Paʻakai.

Focusing on a farm-to-table inspired menu North Shore Kula Grille sources ingredients from more than a dozen local farms. From their produce and fruit, to meats and fish, North Shore Kula Grille works with what’s in season (yes, Hawaiʻi has seasons) to provide the tasty, original and wholesome dishes. Click here to visit North Shore Kula Grille.

Paʻakai or “sea salt” in Hawaiian language celebrates sea-to-table dishes. The thriving waters surrounding Hawaiʻi provide the best in seafood ingredients and Paʻakai’s chefs work creatively in their preparation and presentation of each dish on the menu.

“Paʻakai’s menu draws on the abundance of top-quality seafood from our local waters,” says chef Conrad Aquino. “Guests will notice our unique touches, including a personal tableside preparation of fresh poke – a Hawaiʻi specialty – and the use of Himalayan salt blocks to serve a special menu offering including filet mignon and Kauai shrimp.” To take a look at Paʻakai’s full menu visit here.

Open Space North Shore Country Living:

For all the amenities, adventures, treatments, and gifts Turtle Bay Resort offers, the most valuable, the most comforting of them all may come simply from the sweet open space.

From a contextual standpoint, the property at Turtle Bay Resort has enough room to fit the entirety of Waikiki in its 840 acres, and that’s with 260 acres left over. On an even smaller scale the resort offers two acres of space for each individual room. Think you and your family could find some room to unwind and take a few deep breathes? The property has 12 miles of peaceful, oceanfront trails and seaside pathways, and is one of the only places on Oahu where both the sunrise and sunset are visible.

Combining the simplicities of an ancient people’s path, with the all the amenities of modern luxury, Turtle Bay Resort is a rare haven of peacefulness, sustainability, serenity, natural adventure, and connection. Those are valuable traits in our uber-paced, and at times me-centric world.

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