Three Days on Maui

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Road to Hana. Photo: Shaka Guide

We love a good itinerary here at

Sure, a vacation with zero agendas sounds nice in theory. But in reality, we rarely get the most out of our trips without some planning.

The only thing better than a good itinerary? An itinerary you don’t have to put together yourself.

So we were stoked to dig into Shaka Guide, because their local team has not only handled the hard work of assembling amazing itineraries, they have created unparalleled ways to experience Maui. Here’s a look at three days on Maui, Shaka Guide-style:

Day 1: Road to Hana

A visit to Hana and its black sand beach is a must, and Shaka Guide offers three different narrated driving tours for the experience. Choose from the Classic Road to Hana, the Loop Road to Hana and the Reverse Road to Hana.

Each option is a 10- to 12-hour day trip that guides you along the winding Hana Highway. You’ll get insights and information about the stunning views, plus tips on where to stop for waterfalls, hikes and beach spots.

The Classic and Loop itineraries feature 142 narration points over 25 stops. We love the tours as they’re set up, but you’re in complete control, so feel free to customize. Linger a little under that waterfall, soak in the views for as long as you desire, skip certain parts of the itinerary and extend or shorten your tour as you please.

All in all, Shaka Guide’s three itineraries each offer an incredible way to experience the Road to Hana. If you’re heading to Hana for the first time, you’ll get far more out of this day trip than you would freewheeling it. And if you’ve been before, we highly recommend taking along Shaka Guide next time for a whole new adventure.

Day 2: Haleakala & Upcountry Maui

Haleakala. Photo: Shaka Guide

For many visitors, the question isn’t whether to go to Haleakala but when. Sunrise and sunset are equally stunning atop this dormant volcano, and after dark the stargazing is nothing short of breathtaking.

So our response when people ask whether to visit Haleakala at sunrise or sunset is: do both!

That might be a lot to pack into one day, but whichever route you choose, Shaka Guide has you covered.

Select the Sunrise at Haleakala National Park Tour or the Sunset and Stargazing Haleakala Touror both — for uniquely different ways to enjoy the crater and its surrounding area.

Shaka Guide will lead you to places worth exploring, hikes and lookouts along the way to your sunrise, or sunset, destination.

Throughout the tour you’ll hear about the legends and history of this impressive volcano. Whether it’s tales of Maui the demigod or an anecdote about the mountain’s history, the storytelling is sure to make your time at Haleakala even more special.

Day 3: West Maui

West Maui. Photo: Shaka Guide

Shaka Guide’s West Maui Coastline Tour Itinerary is a perfect way to wrap up three days on Maui. This 6- to -8-hour tour is an immersive mixture of Maui’s cultural history and vivid nature.

Become better acquainted with Maui’s rich past as you explore the Olowalu Petroglyphs, the Wo Hing Museum, Old Bailey House Museum and historic Lahaina.

Take in the sights, sounds and wildlife at the Maui Ocean Center, Iao Valley State Park and Nakahele Blowhole. Swim and snorkel at the famous Kaanapali Beach.

The West Maui Coastline Tour includes more beaches, food stops, hikes, tidepools and shopping options.

There’s something for everyone on this itinerary — as we noted, it’s a perfect way to wrap up three days on the Valley Isle.

Ready to start exploring? Visit to book your tour!

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