Soaring Over Kauai with Blue Hawaiian Helicopters

By Lacy Varner
Mahalo to Blue Hawaiian Helicopters

Mahalo to Blue Hawaiian Helicopters! (Lacy Varner/ See the full gallery.

Wow. For the first few minutes after our flight, that was the only word that would come out of my mouth. Just…WOW.

Now, I’m very rarely at a loss for words, just ask my husband. And I also nearly never write articles from a first-person point of view. But I felt in order to truly convey the awe I experienced on our tour of Kauai with Blue Hawaiian Helicopters, it was a must.

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After checking in at the office and watching a quick safety video, we jumped into the shuttle for a 5-minute drive to the heliport. Lucky me got seated right next to the pilot! Fortunately for everyone else, the safety video had instructed me to not touch anything.

The next thing I knew, the pilot was giving the thumbs up signal, the Hawaii 5-0 theme song started coming through the headset, and we were off! First up was Hanapepe Valley and then on to Mana Waiapuna or “Jurassic Park Falls” (complete with corresponding Jurassic Park soundtrack music).

Jurassic Park Falls

Mana Waiapuna or “Jurassic Park Falls” (Lacy Varner/ See the full gallery.

The flight moves clockwise around the island, with your pilot narrating throughout. Our awesome pilot Geoffrey seemed extra knowledgeable, having grown up on Kauai. And there’s a two-way audio system so that you can ask any questions that aren’t covered.

Waimea Canyon in all its grandeur was up next and then down through one of the valleys to the beginning of the Na Pali Coast. That’s when I realized I would need to raise the bar on what I consider “breathtaking.” The colors, the shapes and the sheer magnitude of the cliffs is absolutely ridiculous. And then you realize that it only gets better from there.

Na Pali Coast

Na Pali Coast (Lacy Varner/ See the full gallery.

We ventured into Mt. Waialeale, one of the wettest spots in the world, and there were waterfalls everywhere. They were above us, below us, and on every side as the pilot navigated us down into the sheer valleys. And they were so close, I felt like I could reach out and touch them (if the windows rolled down, of course). I was literally making myself dizzy trying to take pictures of them all.

Kauai holds so much beauty that it was impossible to absorb it all on a 55-minute flight. So impossible, that we had to buy the DVD documenting our flight. And in case you were wondering, they even have on-board cameras so that you can see yourself looking all awe-struck on the DVD, as well.

Seeing Kauai by helicopter is something I extremely strongly recommend. So much of the island’s beauty is inaccessible by land, but Blue Hawaiian Helicopters gives you a front row seat. And the Eco-Star birds that they fly let you do all of this in quiet comfort with large viewing windows for all passengers.

So next time you’re on the Garden Isle, get up in the air! It’s worth it, I promise.

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