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Most visitors search for locally-made, authentic products when traveling, and Kauaʻi Made offers a fun and easy way to discover the island, explore and bring home unique items produced on-island. One great way to support the local community is to buy local, and the County of Kauaʻi has created a program called Kauaʻi Made, to help connect visitors with local artisans and businesses both during their visit and after they return home.

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Explore Kauaʻi Made products from small business and artists around the island while learning more about the local culture. Speak with artists who represent Kauaʻi, not a corporate brand, and get a feel for the local culture while supporting the local economy. Here’s a taste of three local artists and the products they create for Kauaʻi Made.

Naomi Young is a Kauaʻi resident who hand-paints messages on coconuts! Personalize your own coconut postcard for your friends and family back on the mainland. Anything you want to say on a card or in a letter will be much more exciting when written on a coconut. You can even design your own and Naomi will paint it for you.

“No one expects to receive a coconut as a postcard,” said Naomi. “A coconut is the biggest plant seed in the world, and if you want, you can grow it or eat it. Usually, people like to keep it as a decoration or door stopper. When I send my coconuts to customers, I feel like I’m not only sending messages, I’m also sending happiness.”

Lee Scott, of Light Source Photography, is an award-winning fine art photographer whose work communicates the beauty and energy of nature to the beauty and energy within us all.

“We all share the same energy, and it is this connection of shared energy and Mana I wish to communicate to others through my photography,” said Lee. “Photographs can take us back to the places we love, to a time when we were moved by nature…I believe that my images of Kauaʻi can actually share the island’s Mana and aloha spirit, and take Kauaʻi to the most intimate places abroad.”

Husband and wife team, David and Sharlene, live on Kauaʻi’s North Shore and owners of North Shore Koa Designs. Their gorgeous pieces often become keepsakes for the buyer, as the rare nature of Koa wood and time dedicated to creating these works of art make them uniquely beautiful.

On your next trip to Kauaʻi, remember to check out Kauaʻi Made products and artists. Even if you don’t have a trip planned for the near future, check out the Kauaʻi Made website and check out products from local businesses. It may inspire you to plan your next trip to Hawaiʻi!

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See Also: Kauai Made® Marketplace

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