Safari Helicopters reveal Kauai’s majestic beauty

By Karen Rose

Photo: Safari Helicopters

To truly experience Kauaʻi in all its remote and luscious glory, take an epic adventure aboard Safari Helicopters and enjoy a bird’s-eye view of this glorious and romantic island. With 80% of the Garden Isle being wild and uninhabited, the best way to see the island is by air.

Since 1987, Safari Helicopters has operated tours over Kauaʻi, offering guests majestic, panoramic views of unparalleled magnificence. Learn about Kauaʻi’s fascinating geology and rich history while taking in the beauty of the island. Soar over the expansive Waimea Valley and witness the cliffs and ridgelines created over 5 million years ago, when the island pushed up through the floor of the Pacific Ocean. Marvel at the cascading waterfalls while witnessing the island’s most popular sites.

Photo: Safari Helicopters

Tour the pristine island paradise of Kauaʻi in safety and comfort. All Safari helicopters are FAA Certified, and all pilots have extensive, worldwide flight experience. Safari Helicopters puts safety first with new state-of-the-art choppers, intensive maintenance schedules and attention to even the smallest details.

This winning combination of safety factors and equipment allows Safari Helicopters to offer the safest and most comfortable flight experience available.

Photo: Safari Helicopters

Safari’s state-of-the-art Safari A-STAR helicopters have more passenger leg room, large “mega windows” and a “Safari Skylight” window so passengers in both the front and back seats can enjoy gorgeous overhead views of Kauaʻi’s magnificent waterfalls. These helicopters are so commanding, they are flown well below full capacity. This allows the pilot extra lifting power if needed.

Thanks to Kauaʻi’s exciting micro-climates, every day is different and every tour is different. Pilots monitor the weather closely and utilize their extensive knowledge to ensure every guest experience is memorable and safe.

To make your memories of Kauaʻi last a lifetime, Safari Helicopters’ onboard video system will also record your entire flight so you can re-visit all the beautiful rainbows, waterfalls, rainforests and more for years to come.

So, climb aboard and get ready for your Kauaʻi adventure of a lifetime!

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