New Pokemon Games are Set in Hawaii!

By Napua Heen
Pikachu.  Photo:  Farley Santos.  Pokémon Sun and Moon

Pikachu. Photo: Farley Santos.

The Hawaiian Islands have been a favored setting for big screen movies for nearly 100 years now. Demonstrating that Hawaii is still trending in the entertainment world, Pokémon, the highly popular video game, has chosen Hawaii as the motif for its newest Pokémon games.

Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon are set in the Alola region. (Notice the play on the word “Aloha.”) The human characters dress in clothing resembling Aloha Wear and have Hawaiian names. The game trailers reveal an island resembling the shape of the Island of Oahu. Oahu topography that is obviously visible in the animated world is: Waikiki Beach and Diamond Head Crater. Honolulu Harbor, Hanauma Bay, Heeia Fishpond and Sacred Falls may also be used in this motif.

Japanese Language Trailer for Pokémon Sun and Moon

There were two official trailers released by Pokémon, one in Japanese and one in English. The two trailers are very different. The Japanese language trailer tells a charming story. A young Japanese boy moves to Hawaii where he finds his language barrier to be a great obstacle. Scenes of Oahu’s Diamond Head Crater, Waikiki Beach and daily life give a glimpse into authentic Hawaiian lifestyle. The young boy struggles in a new place but finds solace when he purchases a new Pokémon game. Without giving away the ending (you’ll need to watch the trailer yourself), the Pokémon game proved to be well worth the purchase.

English Language Trailer for Pokémon Sun and Moon

The English language trailer demonstrates what to expect from the game’s characters. We learn that the player lands on the island and is greeted by his cousin, Kukui. Kukui is a Hawaiian word. It’s the name of a native Hawaiian tree known as the “candlenut tree” (its nuts were once burned as a light source). We also meet some of the new Pokémon.

The games are available in Nintendo 3DS and 2DS and are scheduled to be released on November 18, 2016.  See the official Pokémon website for details.

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