Find Exclusive Hawaii Charms Only at PANDORA in Ala Moana Center

By Andy Beth Miller

We humans are sentimental creatures, who value time spent with special people, doing special things, in special places. And that makes for an awful lot of special to remember! We choose from a myriad of ways to preserve our cherished memories, from journals to photos, videos, and more. But thanks to PANDORA, those more fashion-forward mavens among us may now opt to adorn themselves with beyond beautiful “charming” mementos, marking each life memory in a dazzling display of wearable sentimentality, and style.

Exclusive Hawaii PANDORA charms. Photo:

Known for its signature creations of classic, artisan-etched keepsakes, PANDORA welcomes you to make remembering even more wonderful by “celebrating your unforgettable moments” with its wide array of bracelets, charms, rings, necklaces and earrings.

And for those traveling to the islands—and those who are lucky enough to call Hawaii Nei home—PANDORA is thrilled to introduce its exclusive line of Hawaiian themed charms only available at its Ala Moana Center locale! Now, along with its already adored offerings, the company is offering these five specially created pieces, each filled with festive, tropical splashes of color for you to treasure as forever keepsakes. Just think of them as fashionable mementos which, any time you’re wearing them, will remind you anew of all of the wondrous things you did, the people you met, and the unique places you experienced while in the Aloha State!

Exclusive Hawaii Charms

Hawaii Flower Dangle ($65) has “Hawaii” encircled by the flowers of the islands. Reminiscent of Hawaii’s beautiful leis used as tokens of celebration.

Hawaii Pineapple ($85) in golden glitter enamel will remind you of the popular sweet fruit. Did you get to enjoy some during your visit?

Hula Dancer Dangle ($65) depicts a dazzling hula dancer with “Hawaii” engraved below on one side, and features the famed Pandora logo on the other side. Did you happen to see a hula performance or try to dance the hula yourself? Then this piece is perfect for you!

Aloha Heart ($65), featuring “Aloha” etched in multicolored enamel on the front and back of a sparkling sterling silver heart, serves as a wonderful way to remember your love of the “Aloha” spirit.

Oahu Blue Glass ($75) showcases “Oahu” inscribed alongside a palm tree in white enamel, etched on a blue, effervescent glass charm which has floating cubic zirconia within it—a bright reminder of the sparkling waters of Hawaii!

Hawaii Pink Glass ($65) is every girl’s dream, featuring “Hawaii” and a flower in fuchsia enamel, artfully etched upon a pink looking glass charm. Fun, flirty, and oh-so-feminine, this bauble is an absolute must-have for pink lovers!

Aloha White Glass ($70) showcases the word “Aloha” etched in multicolored enamel upon a white looking glass charm. With this joyfully inspired piece, you can always bring “Aloha” with you, seen and shared in every beautiful color of the rainbow!

A Charming, Tropical Memory

Exclusive Hawaii charms from PANDORA

Exclusive Hawaii PANDORA charms. Photo:

These exclusive Hawaii charms are not available online, so stop by the Ala Moana Center on your next shopping spree and treat yourself to tropical memories that will serve as literally sparkling memories to cherish. And each time your beautiful baubles catch the light, a little bit of Hawaii’s warmth, sunshine, and aloha will “charm” its way right back into your heart.

Remember, these special charms are only available from PANDORA at Ala Moana Shopping Center.

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