Oahu bars and nightclubs could be closed until December 2020

By Hawaii.com Team

Updated October 14, 2020

While Hawaii is reopening to tourism on October 15, 2020, Oahu’s bars and nightclubs might not be back in full swing until December.

In late September, Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell unveiled a four-tier plan for reopening Oahu, with bars and nightclubs unable to reopen until Tier 4 is reached. Tier 4 represents “a low level of community spread that is easily handled by the public health system and healthcare system,” with fewer than 20 cases and a 1% positivity rate.

“We didn’t want to repeat what we did the first time, where we rushed to the finish line, opening up almost everything within the first three months, and instead are looking at it as a marathon,” Caldwell said in September.

Caldwell had previously ordered Oahu bars closed for three weeks, effective July 31, 2020, after a spike in the number of coronavirus cases throughout the islands.

Hawaii saw a sharp increase in the number of coronavirus cases beginning earlier this summer, with several Oahu bars being cited for not following social-distancing and mask-wearing mandates. Two Honolulu bars were previously associated with at least 12 coronavirus cases.

Restaurants are prohibited from selling and serving alcohol after 10 p.m. Violating the order can result in a 24-hour shutdown, penalties, fines and the possibility of lost liquor licenses.

“Every day for the past almost a week now, we have an increasing number of cases,” Caldwell said while announcing the original order at the end of July. “This is a milestone of milestones and not a proud accomplishment.”

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