Majestic Creatures, Majestic Coastline- Experience both with Na Pali Riders

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Photo: Nā Pali Riders

The much anticipated whale watch season is here! Hawaiian Humpback Whale Season is December – April and this year NOAA estimates that as many as 12,000 humpback whales will migrate from their feeding grounds off Alaska to the warm waters of Hawaii. (Hawaii News Now). Kohala, the Hawaiian name for the Humpback whale, travel from Alaska over a distance of 2,000-3,500 miles to make their way to the warm waters of the Hawaiian Islands where they mate and give birth.

Tail slap. Photo: Nā Pali Riders

The Humpback whale is an endangered species and Hawaii is the nation’s primary mating and calving ground for this species of whale.

Nā Pali Riders 30-foot Zodiac© rigid-hull, inflatable raft is the perfect vessel for whale encounters. We depart out of Kikiaola Harbor in Waimea (West Side of Kauai) Kauai’s closest harbor to Nā Pali Coast. We’ll get you there faster than tours that leave from Port Allen and take you all the way to Ke’e Beach which is the official end of the Nā Pali Coast. No other boat tour company explores the entire, 17-miles of the Nā Pali Coast.

Breach. Photo: Nā Pali Riders

Humpback whales are often called “gentle giants” because of the way that they glide slowly and gracefully while underwater. Humpback whales can be seen in Kauai’s waters during winter and their impressive acrobatic displays are often visible from miles away. Adventure with Nā Pali Riders and you’ll experience first hand some if not all of these whale behaviors.

Head Rise. Photo: Nā Pali Riders

  • Blow – on average adult humpbacks surface to breathe every 10-15 minutes. Calves must surface to breathe every 3-5 minutes
  • Pec slap – slaps the waters surface with one or both fins simultaneously slapping of find may serve as communication signal to other whales
  • Breach – Acrobatic display where the humpback uses its talk t launch itself out of the water then lands back on the surface with a splash
  • Tail slap
  • Head lunge
  • Head Rise
  • Pec Slap
  • Peduncle Slap
  • Breach

Photo: Nā Pali Riders

We invite you to join our Kauai whale watching tours if you are lucky enough to be in Hawaii during whale season. Don’t miss this opportunity to witness these magnificent creatures in the wild!

WARNING: The Zodiac© raft makes for a wild and rough ride. Due to the nature of the Nā Pali Ocean Raft Tour, you must be in good physical condition to attend this tour. We cannot accommodate pregnant women, anyone with back or neck problems, medical conditions or recent surgeries.

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