Na Pali Coast Sea Caves – Experience of a Lifetime

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Na Pali Riders loves exploring the infamous sea caves on Kauai’s Na Pali Coast. Join Captain Chris this summer for your unforgettable experience. As the Na Pali Riders raft enter the first cave, passengers beam with excitement, drinking in its allure, its mystery-this magical and unique world that leaves most momentarily spellbound. The beauty combined with their excitement triggers questions that fire at the captain. “How did the sea cave form”, “What makes that heavenly, indescribable blue color glow from the caves open ceiling?” “Are their ghosts in the spotlight of the Double Door cave?” “How was the waterfall formed?” “What is that purple and brilliant red color along the cave’s tideline?” “What kinds of birds are nesting?” “What movies were filmed in the caves?” Chris, the Na Pali Riders captain, smiles wide as he hears the questions. He never tires of answering them. The truth is that he is just as excited. No matter how many boat trips, the magic of the cave never gets old.

In the calm spring and summer conditions, the Na Pali Riders seizes the opportunity to enter the sea caves and arches knowing that there is never a guarantee. Entering and exploring the sea caves is purely based on weather and every day the ocean conditions change. Na Pali Riders can’t get into the sea caves every day, but when they do, it’s always a new experience. Some days, the Open Ceiling cave will have morning sunbeams; other days there will not be any. That is the beauty of the sea caves, each day and each cave is a new experience.

Open Ceiling Caves: Entering the cave you’ll see the electric blue glow of the water that contrasts with a shadowed black ledge. Sunbeams entering the cave can penetrate through the calm, crystal clear water reflecting off the white sand bottom giving forth a heavenly blue color. This visual experience is surreal, leaving most speechless and with a deep calming peace. Some call it a healing color; others believe that it relieves stress. At the very least, experiencing the beauty and tranquility of this cave alone will justify your Kauai vacation – leaving you more relaxed than ever.

Honopu Sea Cave: After entering the cave, look back and you’ll see a beautiful waterfall that is framed by the cave entrance. Schools of fish swim below hiding in the shadows and as you get deeper into the cave, the wall of the cave edges stand out more. The gray and black lava rock contrast with the coral that glows at the surf line with colors ranging from pink to a bright red.

Honopu Sea Arch: Several movies have been filmed at this Arch- Pirates of the Caribbean, King Kong, and James Bond- the Man with the Golden Gun. There is an air of mystery here for Honopu Valley – looking westward, the ominous walls tower over 3000 feet with fluted walls contrasting from lime to dark green. There are even many stories are told of this valley being haunted by ancient warrior spirits.

Sea Arch: Around the corner from Hanakoa valley, you’ll see the Sea Arch. On the rare occasions that the ocean is flat and calm, Na Pali Riders will guide the raft to the Sea Arch and share the unforgettable experience of going through this amazing arch. On the right you’ll see a rushing waterfall then the raft will be expertly guided through a ninety degree turn as you pass through the arch. The view looking west as you being to exit the arch is a postcard moment – the Na Pali Coast showing off her coastline at its finest: waterfalls plunging into the ocean, Jurassic Green sea cliffs above and below the clearest, out of this world blue waters.

Wa’iahuakua Sea Cave: Known as the Double Door cave, this cave is easily the best sea cave in Hawaii. The Na Pal Riders raft enters through the back with a view of a trickling waterfall from above into the large room. At first, the channel appears to go nowhere. The captain expertly navigates a sharp left turn and a long dark hallway with a distant light at the end comes into view. As your eyes start to adjust, you will see another waterfall inside the sea cave corridor. In the afternoon, when the summer light shines through the hole of the waterfall cave, an eerie spotlight appears in the cave corridor like a multi-colored glass window. Calcium deposits rise through the spot light appearing like ghosts. The beam of life is further highlight by the mist from the waterfall appearing like a scene from Star Trek. Looking at the waterfall in this setting, one almost expects to see mermaids sitting combing their hair.

Honololo Sea Cave- nicknamed the Pirates Cave; a rushing waterfall guards its entrance providing every passenger daring to enter with a cooling shower. This is the biggest of the caves with the highest ceiling that is covered with green moss.

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