Lion Coffee Presents Antioxidant Rich Coffee Infused with Hawaiian Coffee Fruit

By Andy Beth Miller

Introducing “fancy roasting”—a careful process that produced uniformly roasted beans of the highest quality. Follow-up that success with being the first coffee company to seal and ship one-pound bags of trademark product straight to patrons’ doors—Lion Coffee charged on the scene in 1864, winning the hearts of coffee enthusiasts the world over with a roar of innovation!

Lion Coffee Presents Antioxidant Rich

Hawaii Coffee Co. Antioxidant Rich
Since that time, the company has remained ever evolving and is now proud to present its newest endeavor—Antioxidant Rich 100% Natural coffees! Just when you think this brand couldn’t get any better, Lion takes its uber-popular craft roasted coffee, freshly roasted from the world’s finest beans, and infuses it with antioxidant from the coffee fruit.

Lion’s new Antioxidant Rich 100% Natural coffee wakes you up with its warmth, aroma and that classic Lion brand taste, and this magical java also contains an extra dose of antioxidants.

What’s a Coffee Fruit?

Kona Coffee

Photo courtesy of Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA) / Tor Johnson.

Coffee fruit refers to the outer flesh layer of the coffee bean.  Also called the coffee cherry, it protects the world famous Kona coffee bean contained inside its red flesh.  The coffee bean is actually the seed or pit of the fruit.  Lion Coffee is using a technique by which the 100% Natural antioxidants from the fruit are infused with the coffee beans to increase antioxidant content.

Here’s a Lion lover’s firsthand experience with the enigmatic new brew: “I started drinking this coffee in January as part of my resolution for a healthier year. I appreciate being able to make my morning coffee ritual something good I do for my body.”

Available Roasts and Flavors

Hawaii Coffee Co. Lion in Hawaii
Lion Antioxidant Rich coffee is available in Lion Original, French Roast, Vanilla Macadamia or Toasted Coconut.

So there you have it, and here’s to your morning cup of health and cheer! Happy sippin’!

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