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7 Hawai’i-Grown Antioxidant Ingredients
Reef Safe + Baby Safe
For Beach and Sport + Face and Body
SPF 50 that Rubs on Easy + Clear with 80 Minutes Water Resistance
No Chemical Sunscreens – No Oxybenzone or Octinoxate
25% Non-Nano Zinc Oxide
No Toxic Chemicals, Fragrances, or Preservatives
No Phthalates, Parabens, or Phenoxyethanol

Photo: Kōkua Sun Care

Kōkua Sun Care Hawaiian Natural Zinc Sunscreen is the revolution in reef safe sunscreen providing consumers with the best performing smoothest application zinc sunscreen on the market using 7 Hawaii-grown antioxidant-rich ingredients supporting local farms and businesses. This timely sunscreen is ultra water resistant offering a high performance natural alternative to the sunscreens that Hawaii lawmakers voted to ban in Hawaii that contain the reef-killing chemicals, oxybenzone and octinoxate.

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Kōkua Sun Care is not just reef safe. It is marine safe because it does not contain any chemical sunscreens or any of the other 30 known marine toxic ingredients identified by scientists, like parabens and phenoxethanol, preservatives commonly found in personal care products and sunscreens. “We are the next level of safe for marine ecosystems,” explains Robin van Niekerk, co-founder of Kōkua Sun Care, “and what makes us different is that no other reef safe zinc sunscreen goes on so clear and smooth with such high performance broad spectrum protection using 25% non-nano zinc oxide, the highest percentage possible, as the only active ingredient.”

Zinc oxide at 25% is very rare because it is an expensive ingredient, however, it is the most effective and safest broad spectrum sunscreen on the market. Broad spectrum means that it protects not just against UVB rays primarily responsible for sunburn, but also against the longer wavelength UVA rays responsible for skin aging and cancer. Zinc alone protects against more of the UVA spectrum than any other sunscreen ingredients combined!

Photo: Kōkua Sun Care

Kōkua Sun Care is professionally formulated and manufactured in a FDA-compliant facility – not handmade – and the high percentage of zinc is optimally dispersed throughout the formula using natural and non-toxic emulsifiers to give it a light feel and clear application. Most natural zinc sunscreens are sticky and greasy and leave a white sheen. With Kōkua Sun Care, consumers can feel good about choosing a natural reef safe sunscreen without compromising on performance.

Photo: Kōkua Sun Care

The light feel does not take away from Kōkua Sun Care’s ultra water resistant quality. By law, 80 minutes’ water resistant is the longest a company can claim. However, Kōkua Sun Care reportedly stays on longer through sweat, swells, and long distance swimming, which is why Kōkua Sun Care was named the official sunscreen of the Waikiki Rough-water Swim series and the North Shore Swim Series. Instead of beeswax, which is thick and potentially laden with agricultural pesticides, Kōkua uses a natural resin extract that is lighter and extremely effective for water resistance!

Photo: Kōkua Sun Care

Antioxidants in sunscreens are also crucial for effective protection because they neutralize free radicals created when the sun hits the skin that cause DNA damage and cancer. Kōkua Sun Care contains 23 antioxidants, 7 of which are potent Hawaii-grown ones. As a Hawaii company, Kōkua Sun Care is proud to support the Hawaii farms and businesses that supply the Hawaiian antioxidant ingredients, including KonaRed® coffee fruit extract, organic noni juice, noni honey, plumeria extract, Nutrex® Hawaiian Spirulina, macadamia nut and kukui nut oils. It is Hawaiian superfood for your skin!

Photo: Kōkua Sun Care

Kōkua Sun Care supports organizations advocating for the health of the oceans and coral reefs and sponsors community events as part of its overall effort to educate consumers about the toxic effects of chemical sunscreens not just on marine life but also on human health. “It’s time for people to expect more from their sunscreen,” says Van Niekerk. “We are here to bridge the gap between the banned sunscreens providing a legally compliant and reliable reef safe alternative that really works, stays on, and feels good.”


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