Hawaii’s quarantine for interisland travel to end June 16

By Hawaii.com Team

Hawaii is moving a step closer to opening back up to tourism, with Gov. David Ige’s recent announcement that he will lift the 14-day interisland travel quarantine for Hawaii residents.

Mainland and international visitors still must abide by the mandatory 14-day quarantine upon arrival in the islands, though Ige noted that he and other authorities in Hawaii are discussing details for easing that, as well.

“We do want to recover and reopen our economy and we will be bringing more visitors into the islands in a very measured way,” Ige said. “We have to live with COVID-19 and it’s a very infectious and a very deadly disease.

“Unless we maintain discipline, it won’t take very much to see a spike in cases in the islands.”

The 14-day quarantine for mainland and international arrivals is currently in effect through July 31, 2020.

Hawaii residents will be allowed to travel to neighbor islands without need for a 14-day quarantine, though they will be required to undergo health screenings and temperatures scans at the airport, in addition to filling out paperwork with details on travel history, residence and destination.

Some Hawaii businesses began re-opening in early June — including restaurants offering dine-in options — with new restrictions in place, another indication that a return to tourism in the islands might not be far off.

Here are some details on what’s open and available on Oahu as of the first week of June.

Gyms, movie theaters and bars will be allowed to reopen on June 19, provided they follow social distancing protocols.

For more information about Hawaii’s response to COVID-19, see the following:

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