Hawaii Forest & Trail Takes Guests to New Heights by Expanding Their Tours to Include the Island of Oahu

By Olena Heu

Hawaii Forest & Trail Oahu Farm to Forest tour. Photo: Michelle Mishina.

Hawaii is known for its unparalleled natural beauty and pristine cultural splendor. For many who visit these islands, an authentic and memorable experience is what they hope for. Close to three decades ago, this was also what naturalist, avid hiker and birder Rob Pacheco was seeking to find.

Please visit the Hawaii Forest & Trail website at www.hawaii-forest.com/hawaii-oahu-tours.

Hawaii Forest & Trail

Hawaii Forest & Trail Oahu Honolulu Heights tour. Photo: Michelle Mishina.

After officially calling Hawaii home, Pacheco wanted to share his love of the islands with others. Thus, he started Hawaii Forest & Trail, an intimate guided tour company that originated on Hawaii Island and has recently expanded to Oahu. Perfect for the whole family, Hawaii Forest & Trail offers extremely memorable, awe-inspiring, enjoyable and fun adventures for explorers of all ages.

Hidden Craters Hike

Enjoy exclusive, private access on Kona’s very own volcano, Hualalai. A 3-4 mile hike travels through an untouched cloud forest, with stops at precipitous volcanic craters and lava tubes. The journey concludes with at Kona’s newest brewery, where guests enjoy samples of locally made beer, cider and non-alcoholic beverages.

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Farm to Forest

Hawaii Forest & Trail Oahu Farm to Forest tour. Photo: Michelle Mishina.

A new tour available on the island of Oahu, Farm to Forest allows guests to experience paradise nestled along the western coast of the island. Join expert guides who have immersed themselves in natural sciences. The Farm to Forest tour begins along immaculate white sandy beaches and takes guests to Hawaiian sites where they can examine the unique area from coast to mountains while honoring the traditional Hawaiian ahupuaʻa division of land. Guests will then visit a local, organic community-based island farm to see, taste and smell fresh leafy greens and sun-ripened citrus fruits. This farm visit includes a freshly harvested, local-style farm to fork lunch. The exploration that follows is a journey through privately locked gates, a hike through the uplands of Waianae and breathtaking views of Pearl Harbor, Honolulu, and Diamond Head.

Honolulu Heights

Hawaii Forest & Trail Oahu Honolulu Heights tour. Photo: Michelle Mishina.

Hawaii Forest & Trail aims to deliver an experience rich in history and culture as well as beauty. Honolulu Heights is a new Oahu tour dedicated to exploring Oahu’s most popular scenic mountaintops and to delving into the geological and cultural stories behind these landmarks while providing guests with a unique and memorable experience. This day tour begins with an expert-guided hike of what may be Oahu’s most recognized landmark, Diamond Head. Also known by its Hawaiian name, Leahi, Diamond Head State Monument offers guests breathtaking views of dazzling Waikiki and the Pacific Ocean beyond. The roundtrip hike is a moderately steep climb, and guests are rewarded with a hearty breakfast complete with specialty blended island fruit smoothies and refreshing sliced pineapples. The next stop on the Honolulu Heights tour is the Nuuanu Pali Lookout, the site of a deciding battle victory during the war campaign of King Kamehameha the Great. Seeped in historical significance and jaw-dropping views of Oahu’s lush windward coast, this windy lookout is full of wonder and captivating stories regaled by expert guides. The adventure continues at an arboretum that focuses on propagation, conservation and tropical plants found nowhere else in the world but the Hawaiian islands.

These new, specially crafted experiences are meant to inspire guests to embrace a love of the land and consider becoming lifelong stewards on this path of preservation and continued awareness.

Exclusive Maunakea Sunrise Experience

Begin a day on Hawaii like never before… from the top of the world’s tallest volcano. View the morning sky’s brilliant stars and colors and learn about the cultural and scientific significance of Maunakea, while standing among the world’s greatest collection of telescopes. Complete with a hot breakfast on a private deck.

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Please visit the Hawaii Forest & Trail website at www.hawaii-forest.com/hawaii-oahu-tours.

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