Hawaii Flower Lei: Rooted in Aloha

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Photo: Hawaii Flower Lei.

Hawaii Flower Lei’s owner, Emily Steele, has deep roots in the islands. Fifth generation born and raised in Hawaii, she feels a special responsibility to uphold tradition and culture.

It is with this spirit that Hawaii Flower Lei operates. Whether greeting visitors at the airport upon arrival, or delivering fresh flower leis nationwide, the company infuses aloha into everything they do.

“Our mission is to celebrate the power of the Hawaiian Lei and its deeper meaning of love, unity and connection,” says Emily. And she recounts an experience that she says is at least partially responsible for the birth of Hawaii Flower Lei:

    “Years ago during my first year away at college on the mainland, I received a mysteriously shaped package. As soon as I opened the box, I was overcome with the aroma of fresh white ginger. And as I uncovered the beautiful ginger lei, tears came to my eyes. You see, ginger grows wild at my grandmother’s house atop Mount Tantalus. So in an instant I was transported home, to a mountain trail, picking ginger with my grandmother. And sure enough, there was a card in the box that read “Happy Lei Day! Love, Gma” It was May 1st, and I hadn’t even realized! But grandma reminded me in the most amazing way possible, all the way on the mainland!”

This experience, along with the experience of making and giving leis over the years, has clearly shaped the way Emily sees the lei and the tradition of giving and receiving lei.

    “The lei is so much more than flowers! It’s the embodiment of love, well wishes, sympathy, regret, happiness, excitement, you name it. It’s a symbol of our connection and reverence for each other.”

Hawaii Flower Lei aspires to share the power of the Hawaiian lei with as many people as possible! It is with this in mind that they have created two online venues to serve that very purpose.

HawaiiFlowerLei.com, Delivering ALOHA!

Photo: Hawaii Flower Lei.

Hawaii Flower Lei specializes in shipping fresh Hawaiian leis, nationwide. Their exclusive, insulated lei cooler and fast, overnight shipping ensures that each custom-made lei arrives fresh and beautiful, anywhere in the country.

Wedding leis and graduation leis are by far the most popular occasions! So many life events can be celebrated with leis…birthdays, memorials, retirement parties, and baby showers. Those on the mainland who want to have that feeling of the islands for their special event can easily order at HawaiiFlowerLei.com, and select the day they want their leis delivered, fresh to their doorstep.

LeiGreeting.com, Airport Lei Greetings

Photo: Hawaii Flower Lei.

Hawaii Flower Lei’s airport greeting service is really unlike any out there. It all goes back to the company’s mission and authentic desire to share and celebrate the lei.

What makes Hawaii Flower Lei’s airport lei greeting service stand out is their “aloha” and the time and care they devote to each greeting. There is a dedicated greeter for each person, couple or family, and as they arrive, they’re greeted with a fresh flower lei and a warm “aloha.” The greeter then offers assistance to baggage claim and connects them with their transportation or rental car company and answers any questions they may have. It’s like having a friend in the islands.

Arranging an airport lei greeting is a snap on LeiGreeting.com. They’ve got special rates for honeymooners, families and large groups. It’s an experience that should not be missed, especially for first time visitors.

To order fresh flower leis from Hawaii, please visit HawaiiFlowerLei.com.
To schedule an airport lei greeting, please visit LeiGreeting.com.

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