Hawaii eases coronavirus-related travel restrictions

By Hawaii.com Team

Hawaii Governor David Ige has reduced coronavirus-related travel restrictions, effective June 15, 2021.

The state has removed all restrictions on intercounty travel between islands, meaning travelers can go from Oahu to Maui to Kauai without restriction or need for testing.

In addition, travelers returning to the islands who were previously vaccinated in Hawaii can bypass the state’s mandatory 10-day quarantine without need for a pre-travel test.

If you were vaccinated outside of Hawaii and traveling to the islands, you must still get a pre-travel test from an approved testing facility. See the state’s Safe Travels website for details on testing and documentation requirements.

Governor Ige announced the changes early in June, when Hawaii’s vaccination rate was at about 55%.

He said further reduction of travel restrictions will be implemented once the state’s population reaches 60% fully vaccinated, and yet more reductions will come at 70%.

At the 60% threshold, all travelers from the mainland and U.S. territories will be able to skip the pre-arrival testing requirement with proof of vaccination through the Safe Travels program.

At 70%, Ige said there will be no more need for the Safe Travels program nor for masking indoors.

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