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By Karen Rose

Photo: Greenwell Farms.

Located in the heart of Kona coffee country on the Island of Hawaiʻi, Greenwell Farms is steeped in family history and a commitment to producing some of the world’s greatest coffee. For over 150 years, the Greenwell family has continued to maintain a reputation of quality and excellence, providing coffee aficionados with their daily dose of morning magic.

A Legacy in the Making

Photo: Greenwell Farms.

Founder, Henry Nicholas Greenwell, left England in 1850 when he came to Kona and started his 40-year career in coffee farming. His venture paid off as he perfected his coffee and began exporting it to Europe and the Americas. His coffee was so delicious, it was recognized at the World’s Fair in Austria in 1873 and became the coffee of choice for many connoisseurs.

A Tradition of High-Quality Kona Coffee

Photo: Greenwell Farms.

Today, the family tradition of producing high quality Kona coffee is carried on by fourth generation farmers, Tom and Jennifer Greenwell. Staying innovative and committed to the development of coffee hybrids is important to Greenwell Farms, as indicated by the release of their signature series varieties, Jeni K and Elizabeth J.

“The new Jeni K Signature Series varietal is named after my wife Jennifer, and the new Elizabeth J Signature Series gets its name from Elizabeth Greenwell, my sister,” said Tom Greenwell.

Jeni K Specialty Coffee

Photo: Greenwell Farms.

Jeni K 100% Kona Coffee was the first release of the new Greenwell Farms Signature Series. Grown at a high elevation in Kealakekua, Kona, the Jeni K varietal offers notes of passion fruit and guava that give this 100% Kona coffee a tropical sweetness. Its well-structured body is sparkling clean and finishes with hints of vanilla and chocolate.

Elizabeth J Specialty Coffee

Photo: Greenwell Farms.

Elizabeth J 100% Kona Coffee, the second release of the Greenwell Farms Signature Series, is derived from carefully selected beans from the Pacamara coffee varietal. This coffee offers a bright, sweet and fruity cup with good acidity with notes of clove, plum, raisin, apricot, passion fruit, strawberry and silky chocolate.

Found Nowhere Else in the World

Photo: Greenwell Farms.

Experimenting with varietals began over 20 years ago when a group of innovative and progressive partners committed themselves to create a unique Hawaiian coffee varietal that is found nowhere else in the world. Their research and development inspired Tom Greenwell to select and plant hybrid varieties from this breeding program that he knew would thrive in Kona’s unique environment. This commitment to developing new coffee breeds has continued over the last two decades and, now, Greenwell Farms nurtures approximately 30 experimental coffee varietals, including the newly released Mamo. Grown only on Kona, the brand-new Mamo varietal originates from two distinctive Arabica coffee parents: Maragogype and Mokka. Mamo took more than two decades to cultivate and, upon its commercial release earlier this year, has already received wide acclaim from coffee experts around the world.

“We are a working Kona coffee farm, employing workers and implementing management practices that are creative,” said Greenwell. “Greenwell Farms has been a Kona coffee industry leader for four generations. The fifth generation is now on the farm working side by side with a bright future. High quality standards and offering the best Kona coffee product to the world is our driving mission.”

Experience a Free Kona Coffee Farm Tour

Photo: Greenwell Farms.

Free tours of the farm and processing facilities highlight the century-old Arabica coffee trees and the various tasks involved in hand-picking and processing the coffee cherry. Local farm tour guides share the story of Kona’s coffee heritage and the contributions Kona coffee and Greenwell Farms have made to the community. Visitors to the farm can enjoy a walking tour of the coffee fields and processing facilities, samples of Greenwell’s 100% Kona coffee, and, depending on the season, see and learn about each stage of coffee production. Tours run daily from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

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