Hotter Than Lava! Hawaii Dream Date at Volcano Village

By Karen Rose
Treehouse Hot Tub.  Photo:  Karen Rose.

Treehouse Hot Tub. Photo: Karen Rose.

Most couples fantasize about the perfect dream date with their sweetheart. Regardless of how long two people have been together, every couple needs romantic one-on-one time to connect and rekindle the spark. From new lovers to married-with-kids couples, there’s nothing like a dream date in paradise, and the Big Island is the perfect place to make a Hawaiʻi Dream Date come true. So gas up the rental car and head to Volcano Village on the Island of Hawaiʻi for a hotter-than-lava dream date itinerary.

Romantic Dinner for Two

Photo:  Ohelo Cafe.

Photo: Ohelo Cafe.

ʻŌhelo Cafe in Volcano Village is a small, cozy and delicious restaurant in the quaint, artsy town of Volcano Village just outside of Volcanoes National Park. Experience fresh, passionate cuisine
inspired by fresh, local ingredients. They also offer an extensive wine list, local craft beers and hand made cocktails. Try a passion fruit margarita and share wood-fired pizza with your love.

Adventurous Accommodations

Hawaii Treehouse at Kilauea Volcano.  Photo:  Karen Rose.

Hawaii Treehouse at Kilauea Volcano. Photo: Karen Rose.

For a unique once-in-a-lifetime evening of adventure, book a night in the Hawaiʻi Treehouse at Kilauea Volcano. This Tarzan and Jane dream home comes complete with a hot tub, outdoor shower and kitchenette. Surrounded by rainforest and the sounds of tropical birds, there’s no 5-star resort that compares to nature’s ambiance. Pour some champagne and enjoy chocolate and strawberries by candlelight, while sitting outside on the wrap-around lanai. It doesn’t get any better!

Lava Viewing

Halemaumau Crater in Kilauea Caldera, Volcanoes National Park

Halemaumau Crater in Kilauea Caldera, Volcanoes National Park. Photo: member Sahi B.

After dark is a great time for lava viewing. Not far from the treehouse is the entrance to Volcanoes National Park. The view of Kīlauea caldera from the Kīlauea overlook is spectacular. The caldera (crater) is about 2 miles wide and more than 3 miles long. Halema’uma’u, the main pit crater within Kīlauea caldera, is highly visible from this location. What could be hotter than watching a volcano in action?

Breakfast and Massage

kilauea lodge volcano

Kilauea Lodge. Photo: Brian Washburn.

After you wake up from your delicious sleep in the romantic treehouse, head across the Highway to Kīlauea Lodge for a delicious breakfast in front of the fireplace (yes, it gets chilly in Volcano!). They serve freshly made omelettes, pancakes and local dishes in a rustic lodge-like atmosphere. Once fueled up, it’s time for a couple’s massage just down the road at Hale Hoʻōla, Hawaiian Healing Arts Center and Massage.

Wine Tasting

Volcano Winery.  Photo:  Karen Rose.

Volcano Winery. Photo: Karen Rose.

Complete your Hawaiʻi Dream Date at Volcano Winery, located a few miles south of Volcano Village. For five dollars, taste seven local wines inspired by volcanic fire and tropical fruits like exotic jaboticaba berry and yellow guava. Cheers! Or as we say in Hawaiʻi, Okole maluna! After a dream date on Hawaiʻi Island, you’re sure to fall in love all over again!

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