Swim with Wild Dolphins in Oahu on a Dolphins and You Tour

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Photo: Dolphins and You.

Swimming with dolphins is one of the most memorable and breathtaking experiences that Hawaii has to offer. Dolphins and You offers a sustainable way to do check this adventure off your bucket list. With Dolphins and You, you can observe the wonder of wild dolphins in their natural environment, all while enjoying a fun-packed day of activities!

Why Dolphins and You?

Photo: Dolphins and You.

Dolphins and You is Hawaii’s oldest dolphin tour, established in 1999. Since then, it has won several awards, including ‘Best Hawaii Tour’ from 111 Hawaii for the last two years in a row! It was also recently nominated for the Better Business Bureau Torch Award for Business ethics.

But that’s not all that sets Dolphins and You apart from other tours that swim with dolphins in Oahu. It’s different from other tours because there are activities planned from beginning to end that complement the swim with dolphins. There are Hawaiian cultural activities, water park activities and more!

Review after review on Yelp and TripAdvisor call out the tour’s kind and energetic staff, its high-quality equipment and the unforgettable memories taken home.

Family-Friendly Fun

Photo: @Adventures_ofJess.

The Dolphins and You crew is amazing with kids! They’re great with first-time snorkelers, and they love having a new student to teach hula.

Recent tour guest Crystal P. shared on Yelp that “a crew member, Oliver, made sure even my little one enjoyed herself. He took her out in the raft in the water, brought her upfront to dance with them and made her feel like an island princess!”

And if your family isn’t blown away enough by the natural beauty of Hawaii and swimming with dolphins and sea turtles, they’ll love the two-story water slide and temporary tribal tattoos!

The Leading Tour in Equipment and Amenities

Photo: Dolphins and You.

From the luxury, air-conditioned bus that you are picked up on, to the double-decker tour boat you’ll ride on, to the 20-foot waterslide that you’ll slide down, Dolphins and You equipment is the best of the best.

Dolphins and You boasts a 55-foot boat with a Titanic-style front railing, surround-sound system and a 20-foot water slide careening down from the top deck. With dolphin watching tour prices now available, the second-deck and bow seating is ideal for spotting marine life.

Even the Dolphins and You photographers are equipped with state-of-the-art underwater housing and gear so that they can capture your full experience. Dolphins and You invests fully in its guests’ comfort and safety.

Spinner Dolphins and Honu Sea Turtles

Photo: @Adventures_ofJess.

The Dolphins and You tour does its very best to get you up close and personal with some of Hawaii’s most mesmerizing ocean creatures.

Hawaiian spinner dolphins get their name from their acrobatic abilities. Spinner dolphins can spin multiple times in one leap, which can be nearly 10 feet high. They are highly intelligent and communicate through a series of clicks and whistles that can be heard underwater.

Hawaiian green sea turtles are called “Honu” in Hawaii. They are considered a spiritual animal which can guide people through life. If you spot one on your tour, remember to respectfully admire these gorgeous creatures from a distance.

A Commitment to the Future

Photo: Dolphins and You.

Dolphins and You recognizes that the environment that supports its wonderful encounters is fragile. The oceans of Hawaii are beautiful and teeming with life, but they need protection to stay that way.

Dolphins and You takes several steps to inform and inspire its guests to protect the environment. Recycling efforts, reef-safe sunscreen and an educational video are all daily efforts to protect the ocean. But most of all, Dolphins and You implements several time-tested methods to ensure a respectful observation of the wild and intelligent dolphins it is so lucky to share with visitors on every tour.

Lastly, Dolphins and You is certified by the Hawaii Ecotourism Association as a sustainable tour. The crew is committed to make sure that people can snorkel with dolphins and sea turtles in their natural environment for generations to come.

Now Serving Adult Beverages

Photo: @Adventures_ofJess.

Dolphins and You is now the only tour to swim with dolphins in Oahu that also offers alcohol onboard! After all swimming has completed, guests who are of-age have the option to purchase adult beverages like local Kona beer and Malibu rum mixers while enjoying their complimentary taro bun cheeseburger lunch. Nonalcoholic drinks are also available.

More Information

Join the tour that has been ranked in the top 10 of TripAdvisor Honolulu activities!

For more information, or to schedule your exciting Dolphins and You excursion today, call (808) 696-4414 or visit the website at dolphinsandyou.com.

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