Join Dolphins and You for a Treasured Memory to Last a Lifetime

By Andy Beth Miller
Photo: Dolphins and You. Dolphin Tours

Photo: Dolphins and You.

One of the oldest operating tour companies on the island of Oʻahu, Dolphins and You has been bringing unique and one-of-a-kind experiences to Hawaiʻi since it first opened its doors way back in 1989. That’s 27 years of shared thrills, discoveries and joys amid Oʻahu’s sun, surf, and sands!

What Sets Dolphins and You Apart

Photo: Dolphins and You. Dolphin Tours. Whale Watching.

Photo: Dolphins and You.

When asked what sets this tour company apart from the rest, a Dolphins and You representative explained that it’s the cultural and educational aspect—infused in every facet of Dolphins and You’s excursions—that really makes the difference in a basic fun day and an extraordinary Dolphins and You treasured memory to last a lifetime.

A Touch of Aloha Spirit

Photo: Dolphins and You. Dolphin Tours. Hula.

Photo: Dolphins and You.

From the initial E Hō Mai ceremony—a traditional song of hope and prayer to the Heavens that is presented with flowers for a safe journey through the waters—that takes place before each dolphin tour, to the ending hula performed as a post-excursion finale, Dolphins and You makes it a top priority to educate and perpetuate the beautiful and ancient history and culture of the island ʻāina (land) and its people.

Dolphins, Sea Life and More!

Photo: Dolphins and You. Dolphin Tours. Taro Buns.

Photo: Dolphins and You.

Literally dive in to the dolphin tour, where you will begin by taking part in the traditional and sacred E Hō Mai ceremony before getting to swim alongside island dolphins in their natural habitat! Other highlights include snorkeling among the colorful island reef with tropical fish and sea turtles. You can even enjoy waterslides, kayaks, standup paddle boards and more! And to top it all off? An ʻono (delicious) Hawaiian-style cheeseburger, fresh pineapple and purple taro buns!

Knowledgeable, Local Guides

Photo: Dolphins and You. Dolphin Tours

Photo: Dolphins and You.

Each tour is led by knowledgeable local guides who will regale guests with fascinating Hawaiʻi facts and insider tips every step of the way. By the time you conclude your tour, you will have been so deeply immersed with information and lore, you will feel like ‘ohana (adopted family)!

Explore the Island of Oahu

Photo: Dolphins and You. Dolphin Tours. Tour Bus. Nature Tours.

Photo: Dolphins and You.

Operating out of west Oʻahu’s Waiʻanae Boat Harbor, Dolphins and You specializes in, of course, offering exciting dolphin tours, but also gives visitors and local residents alike the amazing opportunities to explore the island on foot, by chartered boat and even via brand new luxury tour buses!

Dolphins and You also offers its exciting Nature and You Tours, which introduce the land lovers among us to Oʻahu’s waterfalls, mountains and lush forests as well as include everything from a yoga-infused mini-retreat to a breathtaking Mānoa Falls excursion and beyond!

Private Tours

Photo: Dolphins and You. Dolphin Tours.

Photo: Dolphins and You.

And if you desire more of a one-of-a-kind, catered experience, Dolphins and You offers customized tours that allow you to decide what, when and where — so whether it be on a private boat charter, a circle-island jaunt via brand new luxury tour bus, or any myriad of other unique, personalized options, Dolphins and You is ready to whisk you away for the Hawaiʻi memory that is exactly styled to bless your heart and tickle your fancy!

More Information About Dolphin Tours

Photo: Dolphins and You. Dolphin Tours. Waterslides.

Photo: Dolphins and You.

For more information, or to schedule your exciting Dolphins and You excursions today, call (808) 696 4414, or visit online at

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