Best 5 Stops for a Pint in Honolulu

By Timothy Golden
Photo:  BREW'd.

Photo: BREW’d.

You’re all set for your Hawaiian vacation. Bags packed and ready for some warm sunny days on the beach. Now all you need is to figure out where to grab some awesome beer while you’re on Oʻahu. Well, thanks to a massive surge in popularity over the past few years, Oʻahu now has a vibrant and exciting beer scene. You may be surprised and find beers in Hawaiʻi that are often incredibly hard to find where you are from, plus there are a number of excellent local breweries crafting beers that can only be found in the state.

So don’t fret, we’ve got your beer needs covered while you’re here in Hawaiʻi. Here are five must visit spots for a pint while on Oʻahu!

Real a Gastropub

Photo:  Napua Heen /

Real a Gastropub. Photo: Napua Heen /

Loaded with the most extensive beer list on Oʻahu, Real is the place to get your beer geek on. Between the 33 constantly rotating taps, 2 beer engines for cask beers and 250 plus bottles you’re sure to find something to make you happy. The upscale pub style food can’t be missed either. Be on the lookout for special events like brewery tap takeovers and new beer releases.

Cheeseburger in Paradise Waikiki

Photo:  Varin.

Cheeseburger in Paradise. Photo: Varin.

With three local breweries’ beers constantly on tap, Cheeseburger is the perfect place to sample some beers you won’t find off island. While it’s always fun to visit the breweries, if you’re strapped for time you can taste beers from Waikiki Brewing Company, Honolulu Beerworks and Stewbum & Stonewall at Cheeseburger in Paradise while taking in the sights of Waikiki Beach. You also can’t beat pairing a locally crafted beer with a juicy burger!


Photo:  c_chan808.

Murphy’s Bar & Grill. Photo: c_chan808.

This Irish bar in downtown has been serving up great beer for decades, and you’ll always find a great selection of both local and national brands. Pull up a seat at the bar in the back for the best experience. The bartenders are some of the friendliest around, and there’s a shuffleboard table. What more could you ask for?

Pint + Jigger

Photo:  Pint + Jigger.

Photo: Pint + Jigger.

Step into P+J and you may feel like you’re in New York or San Francisco. The sleek modern pub serves up some of the best cocktails on Oʻahu along with a fantastic list of 24 draft beers. Regulars know to look and ask for mystery/hidden taps that are normally rare and limited beers. You might be surprised at what you discover. The upscale pub menu is fantastic as well.


Photo:  BREW'd.

Photo: BREW’d.

This is a place where you know the beer is going to be great. If the beer themed art on the walls doesn’t give it away, then the coolers filled with rare bottles and the 20 plus taps will. The menu is filled with small plates that are meant to be shared and go perfectly with beer flights. Try four four-ounce beers at a time if you can’t decide on just one pint.

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