With I Do Hawaiian Weddings, It’s All About Love

By Andy Beth Miller

One of the first things you will hear I Do Hawaiian Weddings’ owner and Licensed Unity Teacher, June Dillinger, joyfully declare is: “It’s All About Love!” And that is exactly the sentiment that weaves its way through the very fiber of every wedding tapestry that this team of expert officiants, planners, photographers, musicians and even hula dancer touches.

All Encompassing, All Embracing

Photo: I Do Hawaiian Weddings.

All-encompassing and all-embracing (all denominations and LGBTQ are celebrated here), the friendly and professional experts at I Do Hawaiian Weddings await to make all your wedding dreams a reality. The I Do Hawaiian Weddings team offers help and coordination with everything from the initial “she/he said yes,” to the official “I dos.”

Truly Present

Photo: I Do Hawaiian Weddings.

According to Dillinger, who radiates warm enthusiasm and inspired light as she shares her vision and goal for every bride or groom, “People choose our business because they want to feel their experience.” Dillinger continues on to share that the most important criteria at I Do Hawaiian Weddings is that each couple tangibly feels that the expert team is truly present, every step of their unique and beautiful wedding journey. “My couples see that, here at I Do Hawaiian Weddings, it’s not just about checking off a list of specifics and details — it’s about them, and making their special day deeply authentic, and rich beyond measure.”


Photo: I Do Hawaiian Weddings.

I Do Hawaiian Weddings is able to accomplish this unique authenticity for each and every couple by offering several wedding package prototypes to start from — all of which can be “massaged” — as Dillinger describes it — to cater specifically to each couple’s desires, budget and dreams. The company also offers pop-up wedding engagement options and intimate vow renewals. With two kahu, priests, and one kumu, teacher, and even an in-house Japanese Service Officiant on staff, every wedding vision is possible, from traditional to modern, spiritual or non.

With Joy

Photo: I Do Hawaiian Weddings.

“I want our couples to know they are truly seen and heard, and that everything — including them — will be taken care of, with joy. We feel honored that they are entrusting us with such a special and momentous occasion,” says Dillinger. And it’s just that special care and attention to each sacred experience that sets I Do Hawaiian Weddings apart — a defining characteristic that has garnered even the attention of local luxury destination brands, such as the Four Seasons Lanai and the Hilton, who regularly refer couples to the company, as they too know that their clients will be completely taken care of.

Uniquely Yours

Photo: I Do Hawaiian Weddings.

So what is your dream wedding vision? How about starting with a pop-up engagement, complete with an iconic 1927 Packard, sunset sail for two or couple’s glider ride? Just give I Do Hawaiian Weddings a budget and let the planning bliss begin. And for the wedding? Get creative! I Do Hawaiian Weddings welcomes your whims and your visions, knowing that they are exactly what will make your dream day uniquely yours.

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