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Helicopter Tours on the Big Island

Let your dreams take flight! The beauty of the Big Island knows no bounds, yet some of the most breathtaking locations on Hawaiʻi are very difficult to reach by land. Helicopter tours make exploring these hidden wonders possible and within reach. Flying over Hawaiʻi Island allows visitors to experience the island in a way most never will. With several tours to choose from, guests can get up close and personal with the most remote of destinations. Departures leave from both sides of the island, both “Hilo side” and “Kona side,” making helicopter tours convenient and easy to plan for. The most difficult choice will be deciding which scenic tour to sign up for.

Being a large and geographically varied island, helicopter tours offer an excellent mode for taking in the expansive beauty of Hawaiʻi’s unique diversity. From lava and volcanoes, to waterfalls and dramatic cliffs, there’s a Big Island helicopter tour made for every visitor’s specific interests.

Volcanoes and Hot Lava

Lava and volcano tours are for visitors whose main objective is to view the lava. Helicopters can fly directly over the active Kīlauea craters, providing the best view possible of Pele’s fiery display. Paradise Helicopters out of Kona, even offers a “Doors-Off” option, so airborne visitors can “feel the heat” from the active lava flow. Kīlauea’s flowing lava and open vents allow passengers to feel the waves of hot air emanating off the subsurface flows, which reach temperatures of up to 2,000 degrees. From a stream of flowing lava entering the ocean, to a lake of glowing lava, many of these sights are only visible from the air. Talk about the hottest helicopter ride in the world!
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Waterfalls and Valleys

There’s no better vantage point to enjoy the plunging waterfalls and magnificent valleys of the Big Island than a helicopter. The dramatic sea cliffs of North Kohala and Hāmākua boast heights of over 2000 feet. A helicopter tour of Hawaiʻi Island is hands down the best way to see the historic Waipiʻo Valley and the hidden waterfalls of Waimanu Valley. The beauty is unparalleled and breathtaking. Many of these sights are very difficult to see from the ground – requiring hours of advanced hiking. A helicopter, however, offers the perfect way to explore these remote treasures. For an extra special addition, Paradise Helicopters offers a Kohala Paradise landing adventure for a total immersion into the historical Kohala area of Hawaiʻi Island. Pack a light picnic lunch and enjoy some time in one of the most isolated and beautiful places on Earth!

Whether you choose a volcano tour, a waterfall tour or a full circle island tour, an aerial tour of the Big Island is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see Hawaiʻi Island’s array of landscapes and climate zones across more than 4,000 square miles of paradise. Get ready for an adventure like no other!

A peek inside Kilauea volcano from helicopter. Photo: member Gail L.


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