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Air Tours on the Big Island

Each Hawaiian island is distinct in its beauty and individuality — and each island attracts visitors seeking an experience unique to its specific terrain. The Big Island attracts explorers who are drawn to outdoor adventure and bold landscapes, and of the best ways to experience Mother Nature’s fury of creation on Hawaiʻi Island is by airplane. For visitors who are ready to witness the powerful forces of nature up close and personal, flying over the Big Island offers an unbridled, bird’s-eye view.

Hang up the rental car keys and take to the sky for a scenic and thrilling air tour of the Big Island. Soar over cascading waterfalls, molten lava, historical landmarks and much more, while enjoying endless island vistas and scenic panoramas. Venture among the sunny skies to see miles of brilliant beaches, dramatic lava fields, lush tropical rainforests and towering sea cliffs.

Experiencing Hawai’i Island by air tour allows visitors to see parts of the island inaccessible by car. Remote hidden valleys that would otherwise require hours of grueling hiking are up close and personal. Five volcanoes dot the Big Island landscape, including the world’s largest volcano, Mauna Loa, the oldest volcano, Mauna Kea, and the active volcano, Kīlauea.
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Many visitors are familiar with helicopter tours of the island, but fixed-wing flights tend to offer a comfortable and longer sight-seeing excursion. Fixed-wing planes generally hold more fuel, so they can peruse all 266 miles of coastline and visit some of the less flown-over southern parts of Hawaiʻi Island. In addition, unlike most helicopters, all seats on the plane are by the window, thus offering optimal viewing for each passenger.For an extra special flight experience, visitors can end their day with a sunset flight over the fiery eruption of Kīlauea. Book a flight bound toward Kīlauea volcano just as the sun sets, as this is the best time of day to witness the red molten lava. Twilight conditions offer breathtaking views of the lava amidst the colorful backdrop of a Hawaiian sunset.

Knowledgeable pilots provide educational insights and interesting island trivia during air tours on the Big Island. So, sit back, relax and enjoy a quiet, smooth ride while gazing down at the beautiful splendor of Hawaiʻi Island. It’s Hawaiʻi like you’ve never seen it!

Hamakua Coast by air. Photo: Alena Nicholas Photography.

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