Dining and Entertainment on the Big Island

By Hawaii.com Team

Looking to taste a true island experience this evening? Hawaii Regional Cuisine combines the classic dining cuisines of Europe, the savvy style and sophistication of American Regional Cuisine, and the exotic cuisines of the Pacific Rim. Its origins are found in imaginative and enthusiastic chefs, the influences of Hawaii’s diverse ethnic heritage, abundant sunshine, rich volcanic soil and a magnanimous ocean.

That said, almost any type of cuisine can be found in Hawaii.

In its authentic form, hula is the most powerful expression of indigenous Hawaiian culture that exists. The chants that give reason to the dance and the music are, in essence, the oral history of Hawaii’s native people. Watch for hula performances at shopping centers, resorts and luau around the island.

Hawaiian music claims a huge following in the islands and most nightclub or restaurant establishments will feature some form of Hawaiian music. If you know where to look, you can find Island-flavored rock and roll, jazz, blues, disco, country, classical, swing and karaoke most nights of the week.

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