Volcano House


The only hotel located in the Big Island’s famed Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, and Hawaii’s oldest hotel, Hawaii Volcano House Hotel is a beloved historical landmark tracing its roots all the way back to 1846. Lovingly restored over the years, the hotel now offers its guests 33 historic rooms, a dining room, snack bar, lounge, and gift shop. The establishment also offers camper accommodations in the form of cabins and campsites in its nearby Namakanipaio Campground. The hotel itself overlooks Halema‘uma‘u Crater at the summit of Kilauea—a unique locations providing lovely views. Step just outside your door, and any number of trails and hikes await to inspire you.


  • Free Parking
  • Restaurant
  • Room Service
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Bike Rentals
  • Heaters
  • Fan (if additional cooling is required)
  • User Info and Leaderboard

  • Sanitize your phone with UV rays