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Water Activities

For those who love the water, Hawaiʻi is heaven. If you’re coming to Hawaiʻi for a vacation you’ll want to reserve at least a day or two just for the beach. You’ll want to wade in the water and relax on the sand – just taking in as much vitamin sea as you can.

Oahu Water Activities

Maui Water Activities

Kauai Water Activities

Big Island Water Activities

Surf Lessons or Standup Paddle Boarding

You might try surf lessons or standup paddle boarding, two of Hawaiʻi locals’ favorite water activities. Imagine a photo of you surfing at Waikiki with iconic Diamond Head in the background. Or imagine a photo of you standup paddle boarding at Ala Moana beach with a picture perfect sunset as your backdrop.

Snorkeling and Diving

Ready for some underwater sightseeing? Rent a mask and snorkel and swim out from shore. Hawaiʻi’s reefs are teeming with sea life and you’re sure to spot some colorful new friends. Or you can go deeper with a scuba tank. Hawaiʻi dive companies offer shallow water dives for those without certifications and access to depths up to 160 ft. for experienced divers.

Fishing in Hawaiʻi

For the fishermen (and fisher ladies) out there, Hawaiʻi offers an excellent chance to land the catch of your lifetime. Seasoned experts operate sport fishing charter boats in the waters off the Hawaiian Islands.

Boat Tours

Boat tours also take people out for sunset cruises, dolphin encounters, whale watching, and sightseeing along Hawaiʻi’s beautiful coasts. The Nā Pali Coast on the island of Kauaʻi is one of the most beautiful boat tours in Hawaiʻi.


Want to get more adventurous? Try parasailing. Parasailing is when a boat pulls riders who hang suspended in the air from a parachute. You can ride singularly or with multiple riders.

Shark Encounters

Want even more adventure? Some companies offer shark encounters. You get into a cage at the surface of the water a few miles out from shore, and the sharks come up to greet you.

However you decide to soak up your vitamin sea, we hope you enjoy Hawaiʻi’s waters.