Helicopter Tours on Oahu

By Hawaii.com Team

Makua Cave/Pray for Sets Beach, Waianae | Jason Karioka photo

Makua Cave/Pray for Sets Beach, Waianae | Jason Karioka photo

There may be no better way to see Hawaii’s remote and beautiful treasures than the view from the air. Hawaii was recently born from volcanic activity and the Island’s creation is the stuff of legend and powerful energy.

On board a helicopter, it’s possible to lift off from a heliport, quickly bypass populated areas, and, in minutes, leave civilization behind. Look down and you’ll find yourself flying low over deep, impossibly tangled, uninhabitable canyons where inland waterfalls drop hundreds of feet right outside your window.

Now and then, the helicopter will hover before a unique geographic or legendry site and the pilot, like a guide standing before a masterpiece in an art museum, will fill in the details. Noise-canceling headphones wipe out the roar of the helicopter rotors, and music, like the soundtrack from a movie, sets the mood. All the while, the narrator—that is your pilot—guides you skillfully into the experience.

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