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Tip: An annual remembrance ceremony held on Memorial Day at Ala Moana Beach Park.

The Island of Molokai


The Friendly Isle

Molokai, or “The Friendly Isle,” is still the least known of the Hawaiian Islands. Due to its reputation for having the friendliest locals and for being a rural getaway, more and more visitors are getting off the beaten path and venturing here. The people closely guard their rural lifestyle from overdevelopment and show great respect for the land. This is a place without traffic lights, shopping malls, and where the buildings are no higher than two stories. Because of this, Molokai is home to the most unspoiled natural beauty in the islands and is the ultimate outdoor adventure destination.

See the lush green rolling hills, tropical rain forests, and deserted white sand beaches where there are no footprints in the sand. Visit the Kalaupapa Peninsula, a remote old leper colony home to Father Damien, Hawaii’s only venerated Roman Catholic saint. Whether you want to soak up Molokai’s rural charm or go on an adventure, Molokai welcomes you.

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