ATV Rides and Zipline on Maui

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Getting off the beaten path on Maui may involve the use of the ATV – an All Terrain Vehicle. Some ranching areas offer this mode of touring, and you may be able to take the entire family in one multi-passenger off-road vehicle. Commonly, horseback rides will also be available.

Scenic views await ATV riders, with trails exploring a combination of forests, waterfalls, cliffs, historic sites, beaches and pastureland. Swimming and sunning at a mountain pool may be part of the adventure, along with a picnic or cookout.

Get out of town and experience Hawaii’s simple pleasures on a backcountry adventure.

Ziplining, which gained popularity in the jungles of Costa Rica, is well suited to Maui, where large tracts of wild, breathtaking terrain provide the backdrop for a thrill ride over the uneven landscape and tangled canopy of the island.

Harnessed to a trolley that rides on a zip cable, zippers can sail through the treetops, dip into valleys and, generally, do their best imitation of an “Indiana Jones” escape.

Don’t worry. Before you harness up, you’ll be briefed and safely outfitted.

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