Kalalau Valley / Na Pali Coast

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Photo courtesy of  fadedpictures

Photo courtesy of fadedpictures

The Kalalau Valley is located in the Na Pali Coast State Park and houses the beautiful Kalalau Beach. This famous northwest coast is as dramatic as it is intimidating, with most visitors settling for an inspiring sailing to take in the view, snorkel and whale watch. The only legal ways to access the valley – with its 2,000-foot cliffs – are by kayak or by hiking the very difficult 11-mile Kalalau Trail. The area’s designation as a state park forbids any one from residing there.

Access to the lush Kalalau Valley is controlled in the name of conservation with a limited number of permits issued for camping at Kalalau Beach every year. Anyone wishing to hike beyond Hanakapi’ai Valley must have a permit for staying in Kalalau Valley overnight. The isolated, pristine beauty of the area is enticing and awe-inspiring.

Polihale, an uncommonly beautiful beach, is framed by the cliffs at the west edge of the Na Pali Coast. Isolated and other-worldly, the beach hugs the shore below steep mounds of blazing sand dunes.

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