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Tip: This town on the Big Island is also known as "Kamuela."

History and Culture of Kauai

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Not a lot remains or is understood about the culture and religious system of ancient Hawaii. History was passed from one generation to the next in the oral tradition of songs and chants. Little was recorded in words though there are concrete reminders of the past on all the islands. They’re called heiau, or Hawaiian temples. Most appear as stone-walled ruins, some have been at least partially restored.

One of the best places to see these archaeological sites is in Wailua, known as the home of Kauai’s high chiefs and considered one of the most sacred places in all the islands. Here is a string of sacred sites: four heiau, a bellstone, a birthstone and a cluster of petroglyphs on boulders along the shore.

Possessed of an intriguing assortment of natural and historic wonders, Mahaʻulepu tells the continuous story of 5 million years of change to Kauai’s land and waters.

Kamokila Hawaiian Village is a reconstructed early Hawaiian village composed of 14 thatched-roof structures and lush gardens grow in the village yielding traditional Hawaiian fruits and flowers. In addition to tours, guided kayak trips are available.

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