Helicopter Tours on Kauai

By Hawaii.com Team

Mana Waiapuna or 'Jurassic Park Falls' | Lacy Varner

Mana Waiapuna or ‘Jurassic Park Falls’ | Lacy Varner

Kauai has gained a reputation for its spectacular tour helicopter flights. Although tours are available on all the islands, Kaua`i continues to lead the state in sheer numbers. And why not? A helicopter tour of the Garden Island is an extraordinary experience that can’t be matched anywhere else.

From a helicopter, the ageless beauty of the island’s rugged interior comes into full perspective. Here nature has blanketed the uneven terrain with lush waterfall-fed valleys, arid, multihued canyons and spectacular, sculpted cliffs that rise 4,000 feet from the ocean. At the top of the island, in a helicopter, the sheer magnitude of nature’s handiwork comes into view, leaving many flat-out speechless.

– courtesy of 101 Things To Do

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