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"Most Romantic Hawaii Memory" Contest

We asked you to share your most romantic Hawaii memories with us. A great big MAHALO to all who submitted their stories.

Congratulations to our top 10 finalists, including our Grand Prize Winner, Mario M! Check out the winning stories below. Perhaps they will give you some ideas to start planning your own romantic Hawaiian vacation!

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Winning Submissions:

Grand Prize Winner:

It was my first time in Hawaii. I flew in with a girlfriend and left with a future wife. We were off the plane and just got into the hotel when I started not to feel good . We had plans and I felt bad about it. So I told the girl I was dating to go ahead and go out. She left and I started to feel better in the evening. So I went out looking for her. I came across a couple making out at the beach and noticed it was her. I was upset and walked away after I let her know i seen her. I was with her for 3 years. I felt crushed. So I went back to the room and was feeling really bad when i told myself to go out and enjoy the Island. I went out and sat at the bar. There was a beautiful girl next to me that looked sad too. We started talking and she told me the same story. I found out it was her boyfriend kissing mine. So we hung out and started to find out we were very connected in many ways .We had an amazing time hanging out for 5 days and did everything the Island had to do. We seemed like we knew each other forever. It was meant to be. She actually lived about 6 miles from me in California. We ended up giving our #s to each other and when I flew back in. I did not hear from her. She called me and we talked a lot on the phone. So two months later we started dating and 5 years later we are married. We came back to where we met and were married a block from where it all happened. Thank you Hawaii for the amazing vacation. Me and my wife will never forget. We go every year to the same spot. To see the sun set and wake up early to watch it rise. We are also adding a family member and plan to give her middle name "Hawaii".

Mario M.



When I was a little girl playing in my backyard pretending that my little pool was the Pacific Ocean, that the maple trees were palms and the brown gritty dirt was white sand, that was only the beginning. The beginning of my lifelong dream to visit the most magical land on this earth. Hawaii. I remember watching Elvis’ Blue Hawaii and listening to my sister’s Do Ho album and singing to Tiny Bubbles! My Barbies always lived there and I began to wish that one day I would be able to visit. On my 40th birthday, in 1999, my wonderful husband of 20 years at that time took me to the land of my dreams! We visited both Oahu and Maui and took both of our children with us, who at the time were 13 and 16. He booked us at the Hilton Hawaiian Village because I had always wanted to stay in the Rainbow Tower! We had the perfect view of Diamond Head from our room on the 16th floor! Now, he had saved and saved and saved to take me on this dream trip. We had never had a honeymoon because we paid off our furniture bills. We had kids, bought a house, cars and did all the things that you need to do just to live. So I was just amazed that he had saved all of this money to take our family away to Hawaii! While we were walking through the shops at the resort, window-shopping, I gasped at the sight of the most beautiful gold necklace I had ever seen! It also had matching plumeria earrings! It was a gold plumeria pendant on a diamond cut gold chain! I tried it on after a little coaxing from the salesperson, even though I knew we couldn’t afford it. So I said thank you to her, and tried to not even act like I was interested in the necklace. But I know now that my husband knew differently. So we had the time of our lives and returned home. Eventually Christmas morning rolled around and we were opening our presents that Santa had left under the tree. Chuck, my husband handed me a little box wrapped with a gold bow. I looked at him puzzled. What could it be? I had not asked for anything. I opened the box and what to my wondering eyes, but was the necklace and matching plumeria earrings from Hawaii! I cried, he cried, we all cried tears of joy! This is the man of my dreams, now for 34 years, who had remembered the name of the shop in Hawaii, called them and had them overnight the necklace and earrings to him for my Christmas gift! To me, this is the most romantic man in the world who may not buy me flowers or candy, but he got me the most meaningful gift anyone would ever give to me!

Sharon S.


My husband proposed to me and I was putting off getting married. Not because I didn't want to marry him, I just didn't have the time or money to think about it. I knew that I wanted a destination wedding but didn't even know how to begin planning one. Low and behold my mother in law and husband planned and had a wedding shower for me. After opening the gifts from family and friends, my husband presented both me and my 9 year old daughter a book, with funny pictures with captions of the three of us. As we read the book - out loud - to our guests, the last page asked me "Will you marry me, in Hawaii, in February 2006"? My daughter and I looked at each other and then at him and said YES!!! She then said YEAHHH we are going to Hawaii!!! I quickly made arrangements with a company on Oahu who could marry us, found out the information for marriage license and off to Hawaii we flew. Landing at Honolulu was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen in my life. We went to get our marriage license, drove to our hotel, met with the minister and the next day we were to get married. We picked Waimanalo State Park for its breathtaking views. On the day of our wedding, we drove to Waimanalo and were absolutely stunned. My husband never stopped holding my hand while we were driving, we truly were in paradise!! For our pre-wedding dinner, we ate at the McDonald's at the edge of the park and the three of us laughed and had a great time. We found a public bathroom where we changed and my daughter and husband found a coconut and spent some time trying to crack it!!! The wedding ceremony was beautiful! I cried the whole time. Hawaii was perfect, romantic, incredible and everything I imagined that it would be. I am so very happy to have been a guest on the Hawaii island of Oahu and am looking forward to making a return trip!!!

Angela C.


The most romantic memories in Hawaii started when my husband surprised me with round trip ticket for the two of us to Honolulu on our 8th wedding anniversary. It has always been my dream to go to Hawaii but my husband ceased to fly for the past 12 yearn for health reasons. He arranged a limousine to pick us up and I was presented by a beautiful lei made of lilies and my favorite yellow roses! Our room at the Hilton's rainbow tower was perfect. We spent our first afternoon watching the sunset outside our room sipping the best pineapple guava juice! Our second day was his birthday. It was my turn to surprise him. He was in Hawaii a long time ago and he's been telling me how he wanted to go sailing on a catamaran but wasn't able to do so. So I booked us a sailing trip from the Hilton Port. I was so happy to see how excited he was! I saw the best smile, the best facial expression of him! I booked a candle light dinner by the beach at the Outrigger restaurant. Servers sang him a happy birthday with the rest of the dinners. That night he stood by my side of the bed staring at me. When I asked why, he said he just wanted to look at me. The third day was spent driving around the island in a top down car that he rented from Enterprise. With his one hand always holding mine and my head resting on his shoulder, I just felt so happy! Our fourth day, he looked tired so we decided to just hang out in the hotel. We lay down on the benches by the poolside. Looking at the sky holding hands and later fell asleep. Our Hawaii trip was our last vacation together. Since that trip, my husband has been in so much pain. His lung cancer metastasized to his spine and liver. 6 weeks after our trip, he passed away. It was then I realized why he gave me the Hawaii vacation, why he stared at me for so long that night. He just gave me a taste of heaven!

Lea H.


I was living on Kauai and enjoying the Hawaiian lifestyle. It was Christmas Day and I decided to hike 5 miles to burn off some of the holiday fare. I stopped at a little gas station store in Kapaa to get something to drink. Unknown to me, "someone" saw me walk into the store from their car, and thought they saw an "angel go by". Unbeknownst to me, that man who saw me immediately went into the little store and walked down the aisle after I retrieved my drink, so that we could pass each other. I too, saw him and saw the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen. I thought "HE" was the angel too! I wouldn't give him my phone number, but told him where I worked and that he could visit me there at Wyland Gallery. He called the very next day to ask if he could visit me at work and I told him he could. I gave him the official Wyland experience after he saw a painting he liked, took him in the little room, turned the lights down low and talked about the painting. We actually ended up talking about our lives and likes, all in that little room! He asked me to dinner that night and we had a lovely Japanese dinner and after went for a drink where we sang Kareoke "Unforgettable" to each other. After a few months, we saw our first sunset together on the beach, and the song, "Give me one good reason" by Tracy Chapman came on our little radio. I then wrote in the sand, without saying a word, "Because I love you". We were married a few months later. It was all so romantic!!!

Linda D.


It was my first trip to the Island. My resident was in Los Angeles, where a number of former Islanders resided. When I told them I was making my first trip to Hawaii, they suggested that I include Maui in my trip because I would get a real taste of what the Islands is for first time visitors. So, I followed his advice and scheduled a five day stay at a hotel in Lahaina. For transportation, I rented a car so I could go anywhere my desire took me. While I was driving around, I ended up lost. So, I looked around for someone who might give me direction. There was a young lady waiting for the signal to change at an intersection. I stuck my head out the window and asked her how to get back to my hotel. She laughed and said, "I'm waiting for a bus to go to that hotel, so if you don't mind giving me a ride I'll go with you. Because of her generosity, I agreed and told her to climb aboard. During our ride we got to know each other and she said, "since you lost your way, you must be a tourist." I responded that I was from Los Angeles and she said she had relatives who moved there a few years ago. When we got to the hotel I invited her to have lunch with me to show my appreciation for showing me the way. Well, after we finished dining together she handed me a slip of paper with her name and address and phone number and said if I needed any information on Maui, to give her a ring. We got together several times after that and developed a relationship. Would you believe our extended my stay and we became very good friends. After I returned to Los Angeles, our relationship grew and in the end, I returned Maui and I asked her if she wanted to become my wife. She was over-joyed and we became Mr. and Mrs. Needless to say, she agreed to move to Los Angeles, where we now live.

George Y.


Steve proposed to me on my birthday, December 7th. It was without a doubt the most romantic experience of my life! I thought we were leaving on a birthday road trip and was told to pack for cold weather. The night before, I was thrilled and surprised to learn that we would be leaving on a flight for Maui the next morning. Needless to say, I was not packed appropriately, but this was a perfect reason to go shopping upon our arrival. We stayed at the amazing Hyatt Regency resort in Kaanapali. The grounds were beautiful and I was amazed at the collection of exotic birds, flamingos, and even penguins which roamed the property. The pools had waterfalls, caverns, waterslides, and curbside daiquiri delivery. Our room abutted the beach and we had an amazing ocean view right from the bed. We spent our days snorkeling, sipping margaritas, snuggling, parasailing, swimming, and drinking Mai Tais at the Luau while eating the best ever fresh pulled pork. The entire week in Maui was a surprise and the day of my 35th birthday had several more in store for me. It began with a helicopter tour of the entire island. It was an awe inspiring experience and I have never seen any other place so beautiful as the island of Maui. We flew over the Haleakala volcano, the sandy beaches, the waterfalls featured in the film Jurassic Park, and even caught a glimpse of two whales in the ocean. In the afternoon we headed off for a couples massage. After the massage, we were taken to the relaxation room to have a drink and lounge for a bit. The room was an expansive lanai with a panoramic beachside view of the ocean. Words cannot describe it, so I will include a picture. Dinner was a surprise as we walked outside and past the pool, I suddenly noticed a trail of rose petals ahead. The path lead toward a private beachside cabana overlooking the ocean. Delicious dishes were served by our own private waiter. At just the right moment, St eve paused, lowered to one knee, and pulled out the little blue box. More precious words have never been uttered and I listened indulgently before uttering my tearful Yes! It was such a surreal experience surpassing anything I have ever dreamt of.

Tonya P.


My wife is one amazing women who makes others feel special just by being around her. She has a way of genuinely making you feel like you are the only person that matters when you spend time with her - although her circle of friends and family is actually very wide. A couple years ago, her father was diagnosed with cancer and the prognosis was not good. He and his wife had always wanted to travel to Hawaii, but as they are getting up in years, the prospect of planning and managing the logistics of a trip as a couple was a bit overwhelming. But when my wife suggested of traveling together as an extended family they were ecstatic and I think began packing immediately. The trip was amazing for all of us as we traveled to several islands, taking in the culture and natural beauty of each, as well as enjoying the time we spent together as family. It truly was the "trip of a lifetime" for us. But as much as the trip was wonderful for us as an extended family, it also brought us closer together as a couple. Seeing her love for her parents expressed by fulfilling their dream, and making wonderful memories with our two daughters along the way, was a true blessing to our relationship. Although we spent much together time with the whole group, we also found many opportunities to take time away for just the two of us which we will always cherish. Once again she made me feel so happy and thankful that she is a part of my life; for what she did for her parents, but mostly for who she is, and how wonderful that makes me feel.

Jon B.


The first year my wife and I visited the North Shore of Oahu as boyfriend and girlfriend, we stopped in Haleiwa and visited a little shop with broken surf boards turned into art. Out front is this beautiful banyan tree surrounded by some of the board art. Even though there was a sign that asked you not to take photos, we asked the owner’s wife to take a picture of us in front of that tree. We went back the next year, found the same tree, spent several hours with the owner and his family. The graciously shared their time and alohas spirit with us. We took another picture. Ironically we were wearing the same outfits that we did the first year, total coincidence, but we felt a connection with Hawaii and that tree. I knew that I wanted to ask her to marry me, and I had an idea that I wanted to ask her in Hawaii because it was such an important part of our relationship. I gave her a trip to Hawaii for Christmas and we went out there the week of Valentine's Day. I told her to bring the same outfit, because we had to get the picture done again. I was extremely nervous and spent most of the trip trying to think of how I would ask her. We decided to go to the Banyan tree on the third day. I slipped the ring into the pocket of my board shorts. But when we got there, we couldn’t find anyone to take the picture. I was getting even more nervous and my wife said we should just come back another time. We finally found the owner and explained we’d been there twice before and that it was really important to us to take a picture in front of that tree. He agreed and we took a couple pictures, I told her it didn’t feel right and asked him to take one more. As he took the picture, I pulled out the ring and slipped on her finger. She pulled her hand away, saw the ring and kissed me as he took our picture. All 3 pictures are proudly displayed on our wall and my groom cake was the banyan tree. We can’t wait to go back again and again to that tree. I don’t know if our outfits are going to survive.

Michael E.


My most romantic trip to Hawaii was when my husband asked me to take two weeks off work for a vacation to clean & throw out unused items around the house, yard & barn. Wow was I ever surprised when he wanted to go pick up an ice cream & we ended up at the airport headed for Hawaii. My ice cream was a shave ice in Kona. After 3 days exploring this beautiful side of the Big Island we headed to the Black Sand Beach on the other side of the island. Then to my surprise we headed to Volcano National Park one of my favorite places such history of the island is right here. After a whole day there we headed on to Hilo and stayed right at Liliuokalani Park where we had renewed our vows 6 years prior. The next day my brother in law and all our Hawaii family showed at the park and low & behold we renewed our vows again. What a surprise. After 3 days in Hilo with family he headed to the airport where he took me to Oahu & we played on the island for the rest of our time. So fun, North Shore, Polynesian Cultural Center including the Luau & Horizon night show, & the USS Arizona. Oh this is God's country & just writing this makes me want to return. This was the most romantic trip out of six that we have made to the islands, because it was a surprise & he made all the arrangements that I am usually in charge of doing.

Rita T.

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