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Tip: This town on the Big Island is also known as "Kamuela."

Luaus on the Big Island

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Luaus are entertainment fests deeply entrenched in Hawaiian culture. English explorer Captain James Cook came on shore in the middle of a big one when he landed on Hawaii in 1778. The locals mistook the sea captain for a Hawaiian god and welcomed him with open arms. His next visit wasn’t as cordial. Capt. Cook, the local crowd had discovered, was not a god. Not only that, but he had offended them. Next thing you know, a skirmish broke out and the explorer was dead.

Moral of the story: Don’t pretend to be a Big Kahuna when you show up for a luau.

Backyard luaus have been part of the culture for centuries. Commercial luaus developed with the tourist trade and have become a major resort attraction. Learn more about luaus and enjoy.

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